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Kageki Shoujo Episode 4, Bulimia 

This is going to spark , for sure. Japan has had issues with dealing with eating disorders, and I've heard the resolution to this in the manga isn't exactly perfect (but more or less what I'd expect to actually happen).

@maolfunction Same principle here, and why Square was blindsided by the NA audience being so upset about the new graphics lol

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@maolfunction Japanese audiences tend to prefer the cleaner image you get with hefty DNR, which is why you get anime releases where it's scrubbed to hell and back lol

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Beef up the Pokemon school to teach this stuff in a practical manner, then start slapping the player with status effect teams regularly throughout the game.

I still remember the Rival fight on the SS Anne because his Pidgeotto explicitly spams Sand-Attack to lower your accuracy down as far as it can go, lol. More of that, at least.

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Pokemon obviously doesn't want to break character and explain this stuff in plain terms, but it can still do better at teaching the player that spamming damage attacks isn't always the best path.

Final Fantasy was also really bad at getting people to actually use status effects, but I feel that ship has long since left the harbor lol

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@maolfunction kageki shoujo best seasonal show so far tbh

content warnings for sexual assault, child abuse, and fatphobia in episode 3, though, but it's earned some benefit of the doubt about how well it can handle hard subjects in my book

The real problem is that something like FLCL would never get made anymore.

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"It has now been over three years since the two FLCL sequel series premiered."


"How do you feel about them"

honestly, i don't

"what would you do to improve them?"

FLCL needs to be a passion project, and done on a larger budget than they got for the project to make sense.

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