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@Kireek >Moenbryda

name a more iconic duo than SE and giving the scant few FemRoes in the game bad endings

@triumph_forks lmao how many people do you really think hate Ultimate but are really into Melee lol

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@triumph_forks "Exactly! They're leaving money on the table and we know this because the scene has been more than willing to pour tons of actual money into making and selling actual products in the Melee ecosystem. If someone is willing to shell out for custom controller notch modifications, transportation costs to drive out to a tournament they'll probably get wrecked at, etc, they're obviously going to be willing to pay for DLC."

@Kireek it's always fun to find artists you've last seen a few years ago and see they're still doing the same character lol

the big titty ran artist for example

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@Kireek lol good crop


everyone shut the fuck up she's sleeping

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@Kireek zz op 1 gets all the attention because haha anime ja nai, but zz op 2 is good too

haman staring at a waterfall of stars before it cuts to roux's titties

what more could you ask for

@triumph_forks "... What we have instead are those very same people replying to Esam’s tweet, sharing Leffen’s video, playing Hbox’s reaction on repeat. You get hundreds of millions of impressions from fans of these influencers spreading news of the game everywhere."

I mean

Influencers are a powerful marketing force, but let's not pretend that Nintendo didn't kill Twitter for a good while when they revealed Steve.

your netplay videos didn't do that kiddos

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@triumph_forks ""look at it this way: imagine a world where Smash esports wasn’t a thing, and Nintendo releases a direct. You’d probably have quite a few people watching on their computers in the privacy of their homes, and when it’s done, they shut down and move on with their day..."

@mewfeuille The two most important parts of the game are the very southern tips on both sides.

Bottom right by the shrine area has better spawns for the Gold Golems (which you grind up ~8000 gold on to get the Magic Armor), whereas the bottom left area by the most southern bridge has the Metal Slime spawns.

The charm of the game lies in its simplicity; you're never going to find a more pure JRPG than this.

but boy, it's short

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@mewfeuille DQ1 is a crazy simple game lol

You start near Tantgel, go around the right side of the map down to the bottom right, then back up to the upper left, down to the bottom left, then you go all the way back to the middle right, free the princess, and then the middle island for the final boss.

so like

what does the smash community mostly want

do they want to be a grassroots community that largely works on their own terms, or do they want to be Capital e ESports and have Nintendo do things like CPT

imagine wanting to get rid of church saves in dragon quest

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