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It's America-centric, which is totally understandable, but it'd be nice to get a broader look at what the industry's working conditions look like across the world.

if you can only buy one video game book, go buy the Iwata book instead. But then buy this one next time.

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Read a bit of the Press Sneak Fuck's new book

Very similar writing to the first book, so if you enjoyed that, it's worthwhile.

Feels less PR-ish. I think he took the criticism regarding him kinda-sorta repeating CAN'T DESIGN FOR FUN from ND execs uncritically in the first book to heart lol

I don't know why people think DQXII will be exclusive on PS5, given the state of the industry in Japan lol Square would be utter fools to skip Switch.

Only way it happens is if Sony kicks SE *a lot* of money, and even then.

Final Fantasy fits into Sony's plans more anyway.

"DQ 12 PS5 exclusive, calling it"

that would be incredibly stupid of them lol

@mewfeuille "I feel like it's early for them to announce DQXII"

but DQXI is almost 5 years old now lol

"male viera and female hrothgar???"

they haven't even completed the ones they currently have

but i think they're coming; the space is left for them in the character creation menu, and yoship is well aware that people are screaming for their bunny bois.

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"are you buying lunar whale"


it's gonna be like $50 and i have books to buy

and it's not like I'd ever actually use it for the 8 player mount thing

now if it were cruise chaser then I might be a little more torn, but that's probably going to be a PVP mount lmao

@triumph_forks when the e-liter4k mains decide to log in because Arowana Mall is in the rotation

@Kireek hopefully they get some better cover art before it actually releases lol

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