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@Kireek if you wanna watch episode 39 of SEED Destiny legally for whatever reason lol

"FFX needs a remake!"


honestly none of the FF games need a remake because they're all fine, perfectly cromulent games as they are

FFV and FFVI need unmolested modern releases that aren't brought down by being beaten with the ugly stick, but I wouldn't want an actual remake because then Square would insist on changing the battle system to some weird Kingdom Hearts bullshit

because apparently nobody can stand turn based systems anymore without whining about it

"the MMOs don't count because Reasons" is a weird, yet surprisingly widespread sentiment in this post FFXIV Being Good and Widely Played world.

"Although who knows, maybe that stuff is cheaper to obtain when youre in Japan"

no lmao

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rather than "i have too much money", i'd specifically say this says "i have too much money so i can live in a detached house and not worry about assaulting my neighbors with DAAAAAYTOOOONAAAA"

@mewfeuille the one thing i dislike about the manga lol

yeah that's what everyone expected he said but some things are better left not explicit, man

@Kireek got a grey alto and its weapon set lol

probably gonna get the striker pack and the sniper armor set because I don't really care too much for the Gundam armor

also not even dumb anime fansubbers were dumb enough to have the text scroll like this lol

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please don't do this, video game developers

this puts the subttitle waaaay too far down the screen, and doesn't allow you to also pay attention to the action while reading

honestly not sure if gamers are just not as technically savvy as they think, or just get really used to how their one service of choice works lol

@Kireek thinking about buying a 30 minute mission kit lol

probably an alto

I like the look of the Frame Arms knock-off, but I feel the big sets kinda go against the point of customizing lol

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