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@Kireek you know

because the heavyarms needed more shit to weigh its arms down with

@mewfeuille also still blown away that the Rose of Versailles manga is actually finally getting released in the US lol

@triumph_forks when you just give up

"but highlander"

HL is its own thing and has an actual reason for that

@maolfunction since people keep asking about fire force

yeah that show is done; delayed to hell and back at best, cancelled at worst.

@maolfunction i watched the cats trailer and wow that lion king remake sure is looking pretty good

I appreciate that Sentai's hearts are in the right place, but there's a heck of a lot of question marks, and I can't really suggest it.

This is probably the most direct way to support KyoAni until something else pops up.

A man committed arson at the first KyoAni studio, and people died.


@mewfeuille goemon movie got licensed by discotek, so now people can actually see where the fujiko deepthroating a bong gif came from

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