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@mewfeuille good thread

i just wish that there was a way to stream Turn A in the west so i could go yell at people to watch it

@maolfunction Kinda surprised that western shows never really seem to do these?

It doesn't have to be canonical or anything, but doing it for Dr. Who or something would be cool.

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@maolfunction @mewfeuille looking forward to 2025 when Nick Nacks gets to the '90s nicktoons lol

@maolfunction "I mean, Kyoani, Khara, and Sunrise (Bandai) seem to be doing just fine without the standard production committee system."

those are big, established names who make mainstream anime. Most studios are not so lucky for either to be true of their work.

In KyoAni's case, they also act as a publisher, and have shifted focus on adapting works the company owns the rights to.

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@maolfunction we could do a full on press conference


we could just do this and make people freak out all the same about anime that's older than they are lol

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@maolfunction i understand being sad about no conventions for the foreseeable future, but announcements really can just be put on twitter lol

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