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@maolfunction (idk, i thought asuka was handled pretty damn well outside of the weird eleventh hour clones thing lol

This and the closure with Shinji was basically what she needed, though again, the bursting plugsuit is kinda weird and unnecessary lol)

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@maolfunction Big vibes of when /a/ melted the fuck down about Asuka and Kensuke

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@triumph_forks one thing i think the prequel trilogy did better was have cool, unique ship designs that logically lead into the OT ships

ST ships are kinda just the OT ships but slightly different, or with weird design choices like the TIE having a gunner lol

ZUN also did some really cool shit with the later stages, lol.


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"eugh, i tried subterranean animism for the first time, this is unpleasant"

SA is an acquired taste, lol.

It *demands* you Git Gud in a way the other Touhou games don't.

@Kireek there's probably a couple of five year olds out there who hadn't put this together yet, so i probably shouldn't make fun of the show for having the Cures be :pikasurprise: lol

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@triumph_forks my dude lives in a huge bubble if he legitimately thinks that the reason why fighting games haven't grown with the rest of the industry is "online bad until recently" lol

sure is convenient that there's a fourth setting on the guns, huh

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i'm sure the translators had fun with Precure this week lol

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