@maolfunction evangelion is just impossible to understand, man

there's like metaphors and junk, and the central message is certainly not explicitly laid out for the viewer

@MochaKoffee But what does it meeeeeeeeean.

And where is my conclusion to the symbolism, monster of the week plot framing devices???

@maolfunction here it is, kids

here is the entire show in one gif

but yeah, I understand it's Jarring, and you'll get the most out of it after watching EoE, but don't fucking skip 25 and 26 you tossers

@MochaKoffee @maolfunction I mean, I guess that mental illness isn't always very well understood, but this shit still hits. I feel like everyone should be able to relate to some degree

@mewfeuille @maolfunction Mental illness or not, I think the sentiment is at least a little relatable to most people.

the problem with Eva is that most people are more concerned with the more immediate "what the fuck is going on where'd the animation go" thing 😓

@MochaKoffee @mewfeuille It doesn't hit at all if you've been watching the entire show thinking Shinji is a pathetic twat and completely miss that he's acting like a child, because he is a child and going through some tough shit.


@maolfunction @mewfeuille When Mob Pyscho 100 comes along and puts the "gendo is right; shinji should just get in the damn robot" crowd on full blast

@maolfunction @mewfeuille I'll drop it.

What Shinji needed, at bare minimum, was a Cpt. Bright. But what he truly deserved was a Reigen.


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