A man committed arson at the first KyoAni studio, and people died.


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@maolfunction people are already bitching about missing their anime/are more concerned with how this will affect certain shows and film projects than with the fact that people have DIED and I wanna slap some motherfuckers :churchmouse:

There are more important matters.

@MochaKoffee yeah, I'm not surprised. how unempathetic can people get, jeez.

@maolfunction I'm not surprised either, just extremely disappointed. The same thing happened in the wake of 3/11. I know that a lot of them are just kids, but, y'know.

Yes, this is incredibly devastating and will cause delays, if not outright cancellation, of some works. What's more important is that 33 irreplaceable lives were lost.

(Yamakan can also go suck a dick, but that's nothing new. :churchmouse:)

@maolfunction Also annoyed by a bunch of people trying to scaremonger/earn internet points off of this by internet detective'ing who has passed.

No names have been confirmed, and it's incredibly disrespectful and dangerous to do this shit.

@maolfunction I think people overseas are presenting this as a blow to the animation industry first and foremost?

This is the deadliest mass murder since the war, it's not just otaku who care.

@MochaKoffee on social media, yeah, probably. the news sites I've read all seem to be treating it like an international tragedy, though I'm sure the more sensational outlets I don't read are taking that bent.

@maolfunction If you really wanted to be cynical, KyoAni were one of few studios to truly break through into the mainstream, so yeah, a lot of people care on that front. They've touched a lot of lives. Here's an example.


@MochaKoffee yeah, no surprise. they're responsible for some of the most popular anime series in the last 15 years.

I'm bracing for when the names of the deceased are released. Have a bad feeling that a lot of people responsible for those shows did not make it.

@maolfunction The NHK had an expert on and his explanation makes it even more horrific. :x

Fire was started and made bigger with gasoline. First floor had an explosion, and everyone there probably died fairly quickly. Second and third floors would have heard the explosion, but the fire spread so quickly that they didn't have time to react.


@MochaKoffee there was so much smoke, it looked absolutely awful from the clips I saw. if the fire didn't kill them on the second and third floors, the smoke inhalation certainly did.

It's crushing that they found bodies on the stairs leading to the roof. They just didn't have time.

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