@MochaKoffee I'm seeing it tonight in IMAX. :welp: I care less about how well of an adaption of the original it is, and am more interested in seeing the animation quality itself.

I'm really excited to see the technology in other, more original movies.

@maolfunction 66%, I guess? 🤷‍♀️

from this one scene, it gives the impression that it's going to feel like a personality-less retread lol

will be interesting to see the tech in other, probably better, films, though, yeah

@MochaKoffee yeah, NPR's review is exactly what I expected. Even from the first trailer, I knew they probably weren't going to have the expressive, cartoony look of the original movie.


@maolfunction idk, going super realistic for a remake of a film where a lot of the charm was how much personality disney managed to squeeze out of slightly personified lions seems like a bad idea to me, chief


@MochaKoffee Yeah, I dunno why Disney went with Lion King as basically their tech demo. Guess they just want people to come out and see it.

Seems like this was better suited to just use in Avatar 2.

@maolfunction Someone on era used the phrase "CGI taxidermy", and, yeaaaaah???

tfw aslan is way more expressive

@MochaKoffee Yeah, that's probably a good term to use.

I've no idea why they didn't use the Aslan approach. Would have pissed fans off a hell of a lot less.

@maolfunction i'm not going to begrudge Disney for trying live action remakes, I just wish they still had their 2D animation studio. :x

I guess you could say that Aslan works because he stands in contrast to all the human actors in Narnia? idk it would probably have been better to personify the dang lions a little bit more.


@maolfunction or at least were still making feature films with it lol

@MochaKoffee Same. I don't care that Disney is remaking movies, but I do wish they still cared about their roots in 2D animation. At least their shorts are good.

Maybe? I dunno, his eyes definitely convey more emotion than the lions in Lion King.

@maolfunction i remember back in 2013 when they laid off their hand drawn animatiors and were all like "haha no worries we're not abandoning traditional animation"

but then

haha whoops big hero 6 and wreck it ralph did a stupid amount of money

@maolfunction I liked both, but both feel pretty tapped out now? Ralph felt kinda one and done, but then they went dirty and brought the disney princesses into the sequel.

it's gonna be hilarious if they try to slip Big Hero 6 into the MCU somehow though

@maolfunction not gonna lie, i'm still a huge sucker for the disney princesses lol

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