@mewfeuille even if it has to come from fanart, it's kinda nice to think about what dragonball could have been like if women were present from Z onward lol

@MochaKoffee It's such a shame that literally all the cool women characters became stay at home moms. Even 18, who is literally one of the baddest bitches and way stronger than most of the men lol

@mewfeuille that or they were just completely written out or got turned into kids lol

couldn't even get a saiyan woman until Super :angery:

@mewfeuille "this is just DQ4 heroine but a demon"

yeah what of it
look at her

@mewfeuille DB Chi-Chi: can actually fight, outclassed because Goku, could probably lay anyone else flat
DBZ Chi-Chi: literally just a house-wife, not a saiyan so literally useless


@mewfeuille "roughly translated it means your life is over"

yeah okay krillin

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