@maolfunction i watched the cats trailer and wow that lion king remake sure is looking pretty good

@MochaKoffee I'm ready for it day 1. Fuck Star Wars. uncanny body horror + Broadway music sounds like an unforgettable experience

@maolfunction might be good to watch drunk, but yeaaah not for me lol

@MochaKoffee god I hope it's exactly as nonsensical as the stage version.

just a bunch of introductions, some songs mixed in, one dies, and then credits

@maolfunction also love that a good chunk of era is all like this when someone said that taylor swift's fursona's kinda hot

@maolfunction >Judi Dench

well shit if she wants to be a cat who the fuck am i to stop her

she can do whatever the fuck she wants

@MochaKoffee she's awesome. I love how she's game for some extremely off the wall roles.

Ian McKellen is in this too

@maolfunction surprised they didn't go for Sir Poop Emoji himself, but i guess he might be busy at the moment.

He's a cat dude.

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