@Kireek very nice to finally have a way to point people to gundam without saying "go buy $80 worth of BDs" or


@Kireek Extra nice if they get Zeta and Turn A on there lol

@MochaKoffee it sounds like they're planning on adding more soon, if they at least get the rest of UC on there I'll be more than happy

@Kireek looking forward to more guys do i need to watch zz i heard it's non-canon and kind of bad anyway :angery:

@MochaKoffee the funimation app locks off the rest of the timeline until it detects you've finished ZZ

@Kireek i really hate how widespread that /m/ meme has become lol

it's a good show, and it is canon, but really, who gives a shit if it is or isn't lol

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