HXH got ridiculously gruesome after 75 episodes lol, talk about an adjustment in viewing expectations.

@maolfunction like it doesn't go to the level of Berserk or anything, but

it does get dark lol

@MochaKoffee I am enjoying it, but there are some weirdly disturbing parts that make me go, "what?" regularly lol.

and that's excluding Hisoka's queer, but also pedophilic coding.

@maolfunction hisoka is a fuck yeah lol

chimera ant arc should be where you're at, i think, which is really, really good

alluka is basically togashi's apology for how shitty Miyuki was treated in YYH too

@MochaKoffee yeah, that's where I'm at. it's good, but togashi ramped up how graphic the kills are from Yorknew City

that's what I thought when her back story was more fully introduced, much better than being flung into a wall and never seen again

@maolfunction the worst part of HxH is getting caught up, and realizing this is never going to end:


Alluka is a fantastic character, and you can tell that Togashi did a lot of learning in between the two series.


@maolfunction it really sucks that well-written trans characters are so rare in the medium.

rare footage of a trans power fantasy lol


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