eyeing Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, but that's 444 episodes :mario_flop:

@maolfunction honestly not really worth watching DB imo, but you do you lol

you can always join me in pain and suffering


@MochaKoffee It's the only big shonen that's managed to slip by me completely, so I feel somewhat obligated to watch some of it.

and I'd definitely need to rewatch or read inuyasha before jumping into yashahime. it's been at least 10 years since I've finished it and have forgotten basically all of it lol

@maolfunction If you're going to do it, then Kai does significantly cut Z's episode count down. The trade off is you lose some of the /fun/ filler that's honestly the reason you'd watch it over reading the series.

also the official releases look like poo because Toei lol

it's actually kind of impressive how they keep fucking up the home releases

@maolfunction Yashahime is pretty bad and I'm only still watching it because I'm invested and a big inuyasha nerd lol

If you ever need a long series that's mostly good all the way through, there's always the final boss lol


@maolfunction a universal century watch is also a big commitment, even if you mainline it and stop at Unicorn lol

totally worth it imo, but First Gundam -> Zeta -> ZZ is 140 episodes, and Zeta and ZZ back to back are kind of

a big ask lol


@MochaKoffee I've sunk a ton of time into the different Gundam series, this would be easy lol. I've already watched all of First Gundam as it is.

@MochaKoffee but I think I'm actually gonna pivot to something that's a bit more of a guilty pleasure next that I've still not seen


@maolfunction ­čĹÇ

Slam Dunk still hasn't been surpassed IMO
Haikyuu came close.

@MochaKoffee I'm such a sucker for good sports anime. and even mediocre sports anime lol

I should not have been losing my shit over this series when I saw it, but I definitely did


@maolfunction as far as soccer goes, this is the part where I stan Captain Tsubasa despite being the Obvious Choice lol


@maolfunction also everyone needs to watch/read an Adachi, might as well make it Touch so you can nod along to Blue Blazes when it's brought up lol


@maolfunction Alternatively, Cross Game, which is probably a little bit more palatable to more people these days.

Mix is okay, but ehhh.



@maolfunction there's like two reasons people watch Ace wo Nerae now lol

1.) aesthetic af
2.) to better understand what Anno was doing with Gunbuster

but it's actually Pretty Good if you can vibe with the level of animation lol


┬Ě ┬Ě 1 ┬Ě 0 ┬Ě 0
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