@maolfunction lets be honest

the chosen children had a collective three brain cells, and Koushiro had two of them.

@MochaKoffee rewatching some episodes I have no idea why they let Taichi make so many important decisions for the group.

@maolfunction he has the goggles of leadership lol

Yamato was the only other real option for leader, and ehhh.


@maolfunction They do show Taichi slowly growing into the role as the series goes on, for what it's worth.

Yamato could have done it, but he's a more effective No. 1, honestly.

>implying the boys would listen to Sora or Mimi lol

Koushiro isn't really leadership material.

Takeru is Baby

and Jo would have gotten them all killed lol

@MochaKoffee Yeah, he matures by the end of it, just incredible that they let him keep going after how many times he walks them into a death trap lol.

Taichi does have the temperament to do it, it's clearly demonstrated that Yamato would have cracked under the stress of it all if he was in charge without Taichi around.

@maolfunction It's been a good long while, but I do remember Yamato taking charge a few times after a big Taichi fuck-up.

Taichi and Yamato have a pretty classic red and blue oni set-up lol

@maolfunction the reason why Taichi and Yamato get paired together all the time is the same as why 1x2 was so dominant lol

@MochaKoffee lol, there's definitely moments in the show where you can read their relationship a certain way without much reaching

@maolfunction yeah lol

let's just say that Gundam Wing knew Exactly what it was doing :hamham:

(these are all official pieces of art for a robot series yes lol)

@maolfunction Heero and Relena shippers be like, "it's a canon and very healthy relationship tho"


@maolfunction "where did all of these female fans come from, it is a complete mystery" - Gundam Wing's Character Designer

@MochaKoffee they were one concept drawing away from a pillow fight at a sleepover

@maolfunction Gundam Wing and Seed both got large female fanbases, and the staff for both are like "we don't know how this happened" lol

@MochaKoffee man, even as a dumb 13 year old watching Seed for the first time, I was thinking to myself, "man, this is kind of gay," every time Kira and Athrun were on screen together lol

@maolfunction i will always be surprised that so much of the male fanbase of Gundam is always so shocked to learn that girls were always into this show, let alone were basically the primary audience until the toys came along.

this is expanded on what was in the show because they weren't getting away with *that* back then, of course, but who did you think they included this scene for lol

did you not notice how much of the show was melodrama rather than cool robot fighting


@MochaKoffee boys historically have been very not smart in picking up on the obvious when it comes to the idea of things not being catered to them

hell, it still happens. see Aggretsuko

@maolfunction I would like to think they would catch onto it when they noticed that the show never really does any traditional male gaze oriented fanservice, but it sure as hell will show just the tiniest peek at Char's ass-crack lol

the closest it ever gets is Sayla in the comically huge bathtub lol

@maolfunction As far as Aggretsuko goes, yeah, a lot of male fans like to establish themselves as dominant voices in their fandoms, and a good bit of friction happens when it's something as brazenly female oriented in as Aggretsuko.

I still think about what Tomino said forever ago, though:

@maolfunction "When the movies were screening, we had many male fans who got into Gundam via Gunpla come to see it. Meanwhile, the girls who had been fans since the TV series aired got together to create their own world via fanzines. The fans, never interacting with each other, existed on separate planes."

@maolfunction It sucks that this is still a thing that happens, but I can't really blame anybody, when the "girls don't actually like any of this stuff, they just want ATTENTION" attitude is still so prevalent

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