@MochaKoffee man, this thread has been quietly going along, people talking about and enjoying it and still people feel the need to jump in and state how they dislike it. can't you just ignore the thread


@MochaKoffee "I don't hate furries. However,"

k, so you just have a poor reason to find them distasteful, but will tolerate them existing in that corner over there

@maolfunction "i don't hate the gays, but"


If you don't like furry art, that's cool. You don't have to engage with it. You don't have to make your EW FURRIES opinion known.

but that was the underlying point, after all

@MochaKoffee I swear this is what people think furries are, when it's just a bunch of people who watched too many Disney cartoons and realized they were gay because of it.


@maolfunction Like, I can understand why people would get turned off when it comes to the actual porn, but you'd think Disney would have normalized at least some of it lol

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