remember when evangelion was re-translated

those were Times

the only other relevant-to-NA franchises they have are Bomberman, Contra, and Yugioh.

- Bomberman could use an update to the launch switch game, sure. But I think it's largely well supported.
- Let Contra Die. It's already dead.
- Yugioh is Yugioh.

what else do you want
because this sure as hell isn't happening lol

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you bet your ass that i was the nerd that had the calculator watch as a kid :hamham:

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seiko in the '80s were the kings of the dumb shit that is exactly my aesthetic

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despite being a character who is so unimportant that she is all but written out of the compilation movies, she still rated a kit, though

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"why is it called beltorchika's children"

because Amuro finally had sex

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"eva vs hathaway, which will be the bigger trainwreck"

Hathaway's Flash is a 30 year old story, so I have a pretty good idea of what it's going to be. Some things will absolutely have to be dropped or changed for the adaptation because of Continuity Crisis, but we already know where this road leads.

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