Apparently Warner Bros asked Jim Sterling what his "review fees" were. OOF

Just read an article that called Grant Kirkhope, "Donkey Kong's voice actor", which isn't inaccurate but it's funny to ignore all of his other accomplishments in favor of mentioning him grunting a bit in DK64.

Rebecca Heineman on the Hbomber stream is pretty unreal

I've already planned out 9 concerts for next year and hardly anybody has actually announced their tours. 2018 I went to over two dozen concerts and it was a blast so I'm hoping I can match that this coming year.

Some things I did like about Crimes of Grindelwald

- Grindelwald's escape sequence was really good

- Anytime we saw strong magic used it was visually amazing

- Newt is a great character and should be treasured.

- Grindelwald is actually a great villain. The movie makes a point in showing how someone like him can seem convincing and charismatic but the entire time they make sure you know he's cruel and evil right from the start. They never make him sympathetic like the current trend is.

Really wanted The Crimes of Grindlewald to be good. It had some great parts but it's pretty clear Rowling doesn't know how to write a screenplay and is too attached to characters.

I feel Newt and crew from the first movie should have taken a back seat this film and it should have focused on another character like Newt's brother.

With Newt and the original cast still in the movie the development and background for new characters just slows down the movie and makes the story feel disjointed.

Blizzard again fails to create an interesting character gameplay wise. Ashe just feels like a bad Mcree or Hanzo with ADS. I really want to enjoy the game beyond FFAs but they make it so hard.

TheYetee has a nice Kirby shirt as the design today and it's pretty cute. It also isn't the usual black or dark blue they almost always have.

somehow going to 7 concerts before years end, last one of the year is a Anberlin (reunion), Underoath, and Dance Gavin Dance show so that will end the year strong.

I know I'll be beating my high score of concerts within a year (16) but I need to count them all up. Last count was 12 this year and that was a few concerts ago.

Anyone know of any good history YouTube channels? I quite enjoy history and only follow a couple of channels that encompass a broad view of history, mostly channels for museums, and don't specialize in particular topics.

Just discovered Brian David Gilbert from Polygon today and been enjoying all of his videos, really like his personality and humor; he's also cute.

Enjoying this mini GDQ they've had going for Twitchcon. The Link Between Worlds run that's on right now has been fun.

Really should start a blog about all the concerts I go to in a year. I think I've hit up 14 or 15 so far this year and have quite a few lined up before the end of the year.

Pictures can't always help me remember the feeling of a concert or what I was thinking directly afterwards so I think it might be something nice just for me really.

Honestly wasn't bad, obviously it lowers quality during moments where there are a lot of enemies on screen or when your speeds dip but it played well enough.

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Got into Project Stream by Google. So I'll be playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey streaming from Chrome until January 15th.

As if Chrome didn't eat up enough RAM as it is.

I'm glad I have years and years worth of anime backlog because this season sucks.

Black Ops 4 sure is a Black Ops game, which suits me fine. I've only played some TDM but I generally find it enjoyable. Slowed down from the jetpack/wall running of 3 and brought maps that favor more thoughtful movement but don't favor camping.

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