Wheel of Time (Book 0 Spoilers - Chapter 1) 

Wheel of Time (Book 0 Spoilers - Chapter 1) 

Wheel of Time thread time - starting with New Spring (the prequel)

I'm trying to read Wheel of Time again, this time with the audiobook. At least the audiobook narrator is exciting enough; I'm gonna need it for 17 days worth of audiobook

yiik stream spoilers 

yiik stream spoilers 

also i signed up for a forum recently

should've probably used a different alias but hopefully nobody ever finds it. figured i'd finally get off my ass and do something to improve my creative side of writing (better than all the social media i've been consuming lately)

i'd be very strict about who gets to follow it and i'd personally want no one to respond to it directly on twitter dot com
i'm just looking for something to scream into

does anyone who have a vent account actually benefit from it

asking for a friend
i am that friend

@MochaKoffee i figure you'd enjoy hearing this but guess who's s/o bought him a pop'n controller

(feel free to nerd me out about this thing)

@jdlwerewolf started shrieking shack. What's the best way to go through it? there's a lotta episodes.
DEF gonna listen the grindelwald one once i see it w/ a friend

i'm almost done with my thesis draft

it's just another eight pages of hell

@MochaKoffee hi. if you can, could you link me to any and all resources about shmup history and development and so forth that you know of? it's for my graduate thesis lol. thanks in advance

"i love tetris 99!"
*plays TGM*
*goes back to tetris 99 months later*
"i HATE tetris 99 (by comparison)!"

something something life is miserable but more-so accepting to reality instead of daydreaming send toot

@MochaKoffee me: i'm not *all* that into puzzle games
tetris: what if it was a battle royale?
me: ok time to ask my puzzle game friends how do i play puzzle games

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