@jdlwerewolf if you think about it, casting Kirbopher as Alex is possibly the most spot-on casting choice in the history of casting

(I also told the other YIIK stream peeps this)

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Charity Stream! 

And we’re live!

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Published or not, I'm just happy to write something that feels so real to me. I'm glad I'm taking the time during the job hunt to work on this first draft.

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I (finally) sat down to work on Chapter 1 of my manuscript. I didn't even finish it, and I have a long way to go, but writing for myself felt so satisfying. I feel like I haven't done that in ages.

the good place's ending was incredible. now for bojack tomorrow...

"Now the cities we live in could be distant stars
And I search for you in every passing car"

Thinking about how one of my bestie's is moving nearby and another is now gone and these arcade fire lyrics are hella fitting

in totally unrelated news, i kinda want to watch more anime and am open to recommendations. I was looking at my MAL and realized how little I've seen
(i can not wait for letterboxd to come out with their TV site)

so my dad injured his leg yesterday playing basketball
this is going to surely be a week

i finally got mastodon on mobile

hey its a better use of my time to lurk than twitter

i'm back from reality after an amazing trip
time to function i guess

Wheel of Time (Book 0 Spoilers - Chapter 1) 

Anyways, I feel like this first chapter is terrible w/o the prior context of the rest of the series. like, the rest sets up worldbuilding, but this first chapter makes you go "Yeah, you gotta be a fan to get this."

also one thing I hate with books is how easily stuff can go past me, so I'll probably be on the Wheel of Time wiki quite a bit over the next few like... six months.

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Wheel of Time (Book 0 Spoilers - Chapter 1) 

You know you're in a good start for a book series when the summary of each chapter is LONGER THAN THE PLOT SUMMARY OF MOST STORIES ON WIKIPEDIA

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Wheel of Time thread time - starting with New Spring (the prequel)

I'm trying to read Wheel of Time again, this time with the audiobook. At least the audiobook narrator is exciting enough; I'm gonna need it for 17 days worth of audiobook

yiik stream spoilers 

@jdlwerewolf @Sootsky @TJCheetah @GavinWolf Alright so two questions

What's your GOTY and why is it YIIK: A Postmodern RPG?

yiik stream spoilers 

@jdlwerewolf @GavinWolf @TJCheetah given last stream, with the rory, vella, and the robot, does this make alex pansexual
or just the biggest postmodern incel

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