doing a bit where I mean to say "this is a real catch-22" but instead of that I say "this is a real King Solomon's Mines"

The Washington Xemorphs take on the Kansas City Predators at tonight's Super Bowl

thats right it's time to be nervous about nothing and everything at work

They are renovating the local abandoned hotel and renaming it after the architect

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I want to be eaten alive by mosquitos while listening to a band from the 1960s sing about things are so far away in space and in time as to be unknowable

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That's right the Beach Boys are live in concert tonight

I should deffo listen to them from the bottom of the forest preserve

I went to a new coffee shop one town over and chugged a whole coffee AMA

when someone tells you to fuck off you fuck off; you don't continue to interact with them

last night's movie night saw us watching gary busey with a dog collar

BTW Foot Guy Mysteries are brought to you by this book I spotted at the library

the local orchard is once more open and I know this because my mother brought me their apple fritters

going back in time to like, try to stop shit or like, change history is meh

going back in time and doing the fun part of your job on a historically massive scale

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going back in time to kill and take the place of Capability Brown

sure. as not just a capitalist but the capitalist, Jeff Bezos can do any remotely feasible thing he wants.

but can he see why astronauts find seeing the Earth so small profoundly emotionally moving?

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