internet memes, negative 

we watched the Pepe the Frog documentary last night and it kinda sapped my will to live

trying to decide which awful game to make my streamer friend play next

oh no this careless c a t t e has left their pawe out of the hammock. They will tuck it in safely but only if you reply "sleep tight lil biscuit"

Friends, countrymen. Sailers

We have made it to Friday.

I've heard a lot about 100 Gecs, but why did no one tell me one of the artists behind it did a SPOOKY ALBUM

can't wait to read the entirety of Stephen King's Needful Things at a camp fire while eating fistfuls of trail mix

@Louisa Louisa, there is never a time I am not, at least a little bit, thinking about cloacas

the scooby doo movie from 2002 is criminally underrated in terms of aesthetic

we have a pricey client who mentioned gas fire pits and tropical resorts in reference to what they want on their property

all I can see now is the live action Scooby Doo movie


@Thomas i.e. the entire hammer horror back catalogue

in the good news today, I am making my friend play a bad game live on the internet

death ment. jokey 

another day at work another day feeling like a living corpse

fursuit photo 


i am fluffy, that is all, thank you

absolutely wrecking my SEO by googling "fruity skeleton dip" over and over

just found out about an indie video store in a nearby town >.>

homophobia, movie 

I watched the movie IT: Chapter 2 last night for the first time

while it was a really fun, really enjoyable movie, that was a hell of a way to open your film about a clown monster

I realize that violence in the town is a thing in the book but is there some specific nuance that dictates a hate crime

pour one out for the broom making people this year, they are not able to sell me overpriced coffee cake and brooms

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