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The all-outdoors Halloween party was a ROUSING SUCCESS

meta, image captions 

I have actually really started to enjoy captioning images and trying to capture the specific nuance of why I am posting a particular Thing to this website

it's fun, it's a thinker, you can't just slap a thing here, you gotta contextualize it for others and for yourself

this connie is so shaped... one of the raptors ever for sure


As heard on Twitch 

"Oh I'm filled with determination!.... Babe you know what you would be filled with? Giant eggs. You would be big and round because you ate one of those giant eggs"

[in the background]"Don't ever say that I'm full of big eggs again."

*moves closer to the mic*"You're full of huge eggs"

THinkin' About Jon Bois's 17776 

welcome to the strontium anniversary

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THinkin' About Jon Bois's 17776 

There would be, probably, no trick or treating

There would be so many new categories of Anniversary Gifts

Hack authorship is authorship

Someone out there loves you

Keep after it

The facility manager is Loudly talking about NFTs and I wanna fucking strangle him (in minecraft)

stg the facility manager is playing the King Hearts Wonderland battle theme in the lobby I'm going to shit

TMI, animal death, indirect 

we've had a small dead animal on the property for the better part of a year

it's dry and desiccated and it was mummified after death in a barn

after months alone in the elements, abanonded by everyone here, I am going to use the hottest bonfire of the year, the halloween party, as an opportunity to finally send it off

Welcome to the fediverse I am here to post about Things

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