really specific musing, covid ~ 

so Halloween is coming up!

I will not be going to stores (much) or going to festivals or doing a big party

Most of the usual hallmarks of the season are going to be gone, leaving me with somewhat limited resources

I'm trying to be optimistic about the Halloween season this year and I think I can make it work but man I'm like (scream)

here's some stuff I've been working on today - A masoleum and Tombstone created in 3D software

halloween means listening to Martha Stewart Living Spooky Scary Sounds For Halloween on repeat even though the album is a forty minute long three minute loop

I'm going to start calling customers and asking why they are buying things during a global pandemic

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no customers are allowed to call anymore, sorry, I don't make the rules

my dad brought home every family friendly clinker from the 80s, and like a bunch of Peter Sellers movies

Dream Team, Bill And Ted, Oh Heavenly Dog, The Party, The Secret Life Of Henry Orient, Mr. Mom, any of the Pink Panther movies

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I realize I have a pretty different experience from everyone else


what movies did you get to see when you were ill as a child

oh happy yesterday for being the three year anniversary of maybe the best story told on the internet, 17776

personal TMI gross 

roommate stop taking a shower so I can shit challenege 2020

i have done nothing but personal stuff for myself for three days

work is gonna suck

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