my hottest take: if you watch the mst3k version of a bad movie, you have not seen that movie.

i am not a David "only counts on a big screen" Lynch purist, but MST3K cut stuff and add funny skits to break up the tedium, even when they aren't talking over the movie.

how dare you have a good time with a good thing and then act like you watched a bad thing. stolen b-movie valor!

@ryan this is a good point; I always enjoy their version of Manos: The Hands of Fate, but I think if I watched that movie by itself it would be extremely depressing


@Louisa @ryan TIme to sit down with the entirety of Beast Of Yucca Flats and feel your brain desperately attempt to rationalize that decision

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@douglasfur @ryan no joke, I have probably thought of "Flag on the moon. How'd it get there?" maybe once a week for 20 years

@Louisa @ryan My brother and I still have a lot of lines from Monster-A-Go-Go we break out

Dancing at the slipped disc!

Douglas was three feet tall, pear shaped, and stood the whole way

@douglasfur @ryan I also think of "it's a lava flow of savings at MENARD'S!!" often, although I've never seen a Menard's or their commercials

@Louisa @ryan Wow so if I say

"Save Big Money At Menards"

you don't know what that sounds like?


@Louisa @ryan

You'll save big money!
You'll save big money!
When you're At Menards!

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