Dragons!!! Sending your kobolds out for rocks-or-treats can be great fun for everyone, but be sure to check their pails!!

Uninformed parents or even malicious people may hand out nuclear fuel pellets! These are NOT ROCKS, they are made of highly enriched uranium that may make your kobold sick!!!

Check their pails when they get home!!

It's never to late to check those rock pails!


@douglasfur thank you for your valuable effort to protect our precious kobolds

@douglasfur ok but who just /gives out/ enriched nuclear fuel? That stuff is expensive! I'm not sharing my nearly critical pile with a bunch of random kobolds no matter how adorably mischievous 😎☢️🍬

@douglasfur They're safe for *dragons* though, right? Forbidden tic-tacs.

@douglasfur @Taylor Get the boss to swallow a few every week though, you end up working for Ghidorah, which is way cooler than a boring old derg… [sfx: grabby claws scrabbling at he bottom of the bucket, koblolds running away with loot noises]

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