Ink October 6 "Spirit"
#Inktober #Drawtober #MastoArt
[CW for a scary Victorian-style ghost in the expanded image]

Ink October 8 "Watch"
#Inktober #Drawtober #MastoArt
[CW for cow peering in through the window spookily]

Ink October 10 "Pick"
#inktober #drawtober #MastoArt
BEFORE YOU are three items. which will you pick?
1. Freddo
2. Some kind of fucked up mini saxophone
3. The true face of the sun

Ink October 13 "Roof"
#inktober #drawtober #MastoArt
[CW for image from a horror film, scary man on roof]

Ink October 30 "Slither"
#inktober #drawtober #MastoArt
[CW drawing of a snake, but like a really fucked up mutant snake with bug parts]

That's it, that's Inktober 2021. Thanks for coming!


@alex Thank you for making this happen!! It's been fun to watch and also Freddo happened

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