delete pintrest from every search engine

@douglasfur I finally got a plug-in that adds “and not Pinterest” to any image search

@nemobis not I was hoping for more of a guillotine and less of a slow bleed but good!

@tillianisafox their SEO is such that they come up for seemingly any kind of project or idea or recipe you can google, and they clog up the results and you can't even look at their shit without an account

@douglasfur tried to use it recently as a pinboard for decorating ideas, found it useless as it'll only take web links, not your own photos of interesting things

@douglasfur exactly, it's internet infecting scrapcode that can't even do what it's meant to be for

@douglasfur @pixouls Lord, yes please. It used to be so great to have everyone’s collections show up, but they continue making their service feel more and more like an inescapable tar pit.

@douglasfur @pixouls I would love to be able to tell DuckDuckGo “always exclude this list of sites by default” (along with an “I’m Feeling Desperate” button). There’s a recipe aggregator that does a lot of Pinterest-like crap that I’m continually frustrated by, too.

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