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Memories Of A Lifetime A Thon 

I might also play Burnt Offerings on repeat all night

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Memories Of A Lifetime A Thon 

Masque of the Red Death (1964)

Messiah of Evil (1973)

Sugar Hill (1974)

Burnt Offerings (1976)

Tourist Trap (1979)

Nightmare (1981)

Movies that I am fond of that stand on their own but also have enough value as background noise to hang around with the occasional bloody shout

Tonight! 7:05 Eastern

I'm commentating on baseball with @lnpgaceta & another LNP patron! Come watch them talk about baseball things like OBP and ERA, & me talk about things like if a ball landing on the foul line is in the Twilight Zone, & why it should be allowed to run straight from 1st base to 3rd, but look out, because the pitcher is allowed to clothesline you don't worry that you'll be the least informed baseball watcher there, because that will always be me

dang its almost like being buried neck deep in work for months isn't great

I'm excited because the next time I a certain friend of mine stops by, I will present him with his fifth copy of Michael Crichton's Timeline

one guard only tells lies, the other only eat hot chip

Today I hiked out to the 1749 Quaker Meeting House, the 200 year old cemetery, the combination Meeting House-Cemetery

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Do you consider caves a normal, natural part of the world where you live, or are caves a thing that happen somewhere else

fucking tuesdays whys everyone gotta call on a tuesday

herb opinion solicited 

does anybody make use of wild lettuce? how do you consume


NFT dorks absolutely would have been the most condescending kind of Tulip Bulb dorks 400 years ago

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white people please stop matting your hair challenge

yes this means even you Sheri Moon Zombie

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