AoT/SnK, antisemitism tw, birdsite link 

in case the evidence of the creators' links to the Japanese far right wasn't enough, here's your reminder that Attack on Titan is essentially based in antisemitic themes:

one of the worst things the system's gotten away with is the "sanitization" of martin luther king jr's life and ideals. teach the truth, fuck heads

learn from black scholars, they'll tell you the truth

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xenomorph, lewd, hyper breasts 

talking about Alien reminds me of that time i made a xenomorph OC with the biggest tits i'd put on any of my characters up to that point. I need to do more with Alodia....

I wanna know how they managed to get a male orange cat to perform the role of Jonesy without fucking up every scene

rewatching Alien (1979) and holy shit i love so much about this film
the gorgeous cassette futurism aesthetic
the frequent crosstalk and interruption, characters talking over each other like REAL FUCKING PEOPLE with REAL DANG DICTION
no unnecessary infodumping, just telling you the story through characters' actions, appearance, interactions
the perfect creature design
and also
Sigourney Weaver hot, me lesbian

as my real body gets bustier (C-cup and growing!), should i reduce the tits on my 'sona to be closer to my real size, leave them as is, or increase them proportionally?

my girlfriend just gave up on pronouncing it correctly and asked me to get her some "robot tea"

Happy MLK Day 

Never forget that the CIA killed MLK and now white people everywhere try to placate black people with his own words.

really appreciative that there's reason to believe certain populations of spotted hyenas and red foxes may be on the way to self-domesticating like cats did

cis ppl....if u catch yourself thinking when around trans friends "man i wish i could change my name too": do that shit it automatically makes you at least 10% cooler

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problems with DID in media: evil, scary, dangerous

problems with plurality IRL: my headmate got the Brunnen-G fight song from the old sci-fi series Lexx stuck in our head and now i can't stop humming it.

@BestGirlGrace "shark tank" is so very evocative of the predatory nature of rich people (and shark misconceptions)

My 2021 bingo card has a spot for "Rich people look at Vampires and unironically say 'yes, this is us actually'."

Trans Voice Positivity 

Seriously tho, if you're a woman and you have a voice that's a woman's voice.

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You: "If you're a woman, and you have a voice, that's a woman's voice."

Me: *stuffing a magical nautilus shell amulet into my bra* "WHO TOLD YOU."

to explain this: the bongcloud is a joke opening where you move your king forward within the first 3 moves of the game. this is basically never, ever a good idea, it's called the bongcloud as a joke

however, some of the best chess players in existence like to play stuff like this just to kinda. flex on their opponents and make the game harder for themselves because they're just that fucking good

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learning about a chess move called the inverted bongcloud

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