Ranma 1/2, Slayers, fanfiction, AO3 link 

It's a "Ranma: One or the Other" update, with chapter 2! Brought to you by the power of plurality:


okay, so
i'm physically okay
nobody was injured
but i was in a collision and my car needs repair AGAIN
so if i seem stressed out
please understand why

thinking about how media like Stranger Things, the Bumblebee movie, and a lot of other stuff that tries to recapture the nostalgia of the late 70s and early 80s, is, like...

it’s very specifically nostalgia for a specific ethnic and class experience.

Steve Rogers, Antifascist. 

And in the comics, when the actions of the American government in real life became just too much to bear, Steve rejected the flag and became Nomad. Adopting a suit without symbols, Steve opposed fascism at the highest levels.

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Steve Rogers, Antifascist. Homophobia mention, fictional character death 

In the comics, Steve's childhood best friend wasn't Bucky Barnes, but Arnie Roth: a gay man who a younger Steve looked up to as his role model. Arnie's story was defined by tragedy in the comics, but it was at a time when presenting a gay man as a sympathetic character was unheard-of, not to mention positioning Steve as respecting Arnie's sexuality and acknowledging Arnie's loss of his partner as equal.

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Steve Rogers, Antifascist. Anti-Black racism mention CW. 

In the comics, Steve (trapped in someone else's body) convinced Sam Wilson to become a costumed hero. He proudly introduced the Falcon as his partner at a time when it was still commonplace for white Americans to shun physical contact with black men and deny them work or positions of respect and authority. When Black neighborhoods were maligned in racist mass media as hotbeds of violence and ignorance, Steve walked among friends in Harlem.

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Steve Rogers, Antifascist. Antisemitism mention CW. 

In the comics, Steve's longest romantic interest was "Bernie" Rosenthal, a Jewish woman introduced with thick curly hair. She eventually became a lawyer, which Steve encouraged even after they broke up so she could focus on work. Then as now, stereotypically Jewish features like dark curly hair were treated by mass media as ugly; Jewish women were regarded as unpleasant & regressive. Bernie was shown as a beautiful modern woman.

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Steve Rogers, Antifascist. Guns cw, Nazi mention CW, antisemitism mention CW. 

In the comics, Steve was a victim of violence, a disabled kid from a historically gay neighborhood, who spoke out against bullying & hatred. He was created by Jews at a time when we knew the world saw us as a threat, as anti-American; at a time when Nazis openly paraded in American streets and had highly public meetings where the US was not only encouraged to stay out of the war, but to support German violence.

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Steve Rogers, Antifascist 

It's easy to look at Captain America and see the propaganda image, especially what the in-bed-with-the-military movie continuity wants you to buy into. But the movies made a lot of changes that had nothing to do with the comics.
In the comics? Captain America was used to put a USA identity on speaking out against everything awful that was being done by the USA, to have the iconography of the state used against itself.

Happy Moving Begtoot! 

So we got an amazing offer to move to Houston, where we’ll have better opportunity for employment, childcare and medical care if we can get there! Our stimulus was burnt up paying off personal debt (from the last move) and paying bills in advance 😩

We’ve made fund for gas, a bed, and moving supplies/etc. Hopefully this is the very last time we need this help, we appreciate any assistance or boosts!

Venmo: @londonshine
Cashapp: $glamorshark

(Casă de Șarpe, "House of the Snake" is the name of our house. It's a reversal of "șarpe de casă", the Romanian name for the grass snake, Natrix natrix. )

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Casă de Șarpe updates 

we have a tiiiiny little plot of dirt in front of the new place, and the soil is SO good and rich and full of active life? Now taking suggestions of (northeast US) native food plants to grow

Shine Family Moving Fundraiser 

So we’ve received an amazing offer to move to Houston, where we’ll have a much higher opportunity for employment, access to childcare and the medical care my wife needs (as well as escape the abuses of my in laws), if we can just get there. Our stimulus was largely burnt up paying off personal debt (mostly from the last move) and paying bills in advance, but we have JUST enough for a uhaul 🙂

After some encouragement, we’ve made this fund for gas, packing supplies, a bed/mattress, and other small moving costs. Hopefully this will be the very last time we need this kind of help, we appreciate everything that’s been done for us these last hard two years!

Venmo: @londonshine
Cashapp: $glamorshark

Who do you think will be remembered longer as a fuckup, Hegelochus? Or the person piloting the Evergreen boxship?

the japanese word for lightning is inazuma 稲妻

you'll never guess what the individual kanji mean

"women and enbies" just say "people eligible to slay the witch-king of angmar"

STILL exhausted from the vaxx D:
i should've brought a cane to work.

tech question, boost please 

How difficult (and expensive) would it be to put together something like a full-face mask (or at least covering the eyes) that is connected to a small external camera and has a display on the inside of the mask, so that the wearer can still clearly see around them?

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