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I've been sick with covid which means I've had time to play zootr and fucking up optimal routing by forgetting or not thinking which spot is opened by a particular item is so aggravating

it's a lot of fun, but I can feel the hours added every seed

"we took this and we're not sure what exactly is going on in a lot of it" - NASA

stars being born, the detail is ridiculous

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my brain breaks the longer I look at this. the difference from the same region as the Hubble shot is ridiculous

@MochaKoffee the madmen at GDQ just visited the Unicorn Fountain on an actual cartridge like it's no big deal (they constructed it using ACE, along with a bunch of other things to show what it would have looked like had it made it to the game)

i got a new phone this week and while figuring out how i wanted it to look, i found these very good lockscreens

I should see if any concerts I want to go are coming up

*no less than five different shows within the next four months*


@MochaKoffee someone looked at this and said, yes, her head should be coming out of a dick, excellent costume work

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imagine having bed hair at the screening where you're gifted a lifetime achievement award at a prestigious film festival

the new Kendrick album is a lot, someone give him a hug

Dr Strange 2 spoilers 

@MochaKoffee I've watched Patrick Stewart die as Professor Xavier 3 times now in theaters lol. let the poor guy do something else

fyi, Mastodon recently put out official apps for both iOS and Android that are pretty decent if you're not all that satisfied with whatever you're using now

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