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I basically treat the federated timeline like a forum index and every toot that flies by, I see as just a thread, so yes, I'm gonna just barge into your toots somerimes.

This is your only warning.

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Cleaned up some CSS stuff on the backend and made a few changes too. Don't think I broke anything, but if something suddenly isn't working, let me know.

@MochaKoffee That is probably what happened to it, yeah.

I would really like to eventually see the unicorn fountain in actual detail just to see if they did transplant assets from it to other parts of the game or MM. Trying to gauge room size and exact textures from tiny screenshots is an impossible task.

@MochaKoffee New hundo route for OoT has completely broken a game I had previously thought was already thoroughly broken.

@MochaKoffee one thousand posts to mostly defend the standard industry practice of game studios harassing reviewers who dare step outside the marketing expectations of certain people games that are expected to be 10/10 across the board.

@MochaKoffee "Let's see how ND handled the trans character storyline."

*looks up Wiki on him*

"Oh, nice, they deadnamed him in the first sentence here."

@MochaKoffee The explainer of things has arrived to tell people why they shouldn't be critical of bad comparisions.


Went and got this done today. Been waiting a couple months for it to be done, really happy with the finished result. Love the amount of details.

@MochaKoffee Been playing the original Seiken Densetsu 3,and I've gotten to Jewel Eater and was promptly wrecked and now I remember how many old RPGs expected long grinding sessions to progress. :angery:

Doesn't help that I didn't pick a healer for my party, but I wasn't gwonna wead twext twat sownded wike twis twa whole twime.

@MochaKoffee this was real enjoyable and cute. I expect only good feelings from the rest of this series.

@MochaKoffee Starting to tire of the thin excuse that TLOU2 is supposed to be uncomfortable to play when we all know it's supposed to be fun to be able to do this shit.

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