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imagine having bed hair at the screening where you're gifted a lifetime achievement award at a prestigious film festival

the new Kendrick album is a lot, someone give him a hug

Dr Strange 2 spoilers 

@MochaKoffee I've watched Patrick Stewart die as Professor Xavier 3 times now in theaters lol. let the poor guy do something else

fyi, Mastodon recently put out official apps for both iOS and Android that are pretty decent if you're not all that satisfied with whatever you're using now

"Admins can read your DMs on Masto."

yes, welcome to the internet, where any admin with database access of any app or site that doesn't have end to end encryption can read DMs. where were you when private forums were a thing

don't be putting intensely personal things you don't want people to know on any internet platform, kids

@rallex we have new and old emotes :hamham: :indifferent: :shy: :loogi:

and I can add anything else on request

in our hour of need, they welcomed us back with open arms

not to alarm people, but if an investor wants to buy snaggletooth for just one million dollars, I'm selling

Doug and I moved into a condo yesterday and all the outlets in the unit are loose. that's actually impressive.

started playing this on my phone yesterday since I've been wanting to play a city sim without too many frills and it's an ok game, tho they push you to overdevelop so that you're pressured to spend money to bypass production waiting times

so, pausing growth to build up density instead now

I cannot imagine being the type of person where this many mirrors around you doesn't make you deeply uncomfortable at all times

if this game is better than Dark Souls I'll be impressed. none of the From Software follow-ups have stuck with me like the first DS. wonder how much of Elden Ring's hype is just the fact it's finally coming out

I missed the Daft Punk stream because I figured there'd be a vod I could watch afterwards

fucking nope

@MochaKoffee "I'm aiming to talk for 30 minutes and be controversial enough to spark a discussion, so please hold questions."

I hope I'm ever qualified enough to open a presentation with such a stinger.

oh Chrono Cross is coming out on all platforms, may just wait and see which version plays best there then

getting an official translation of Mother 1 is neat, but no one who hasn't already played it is going to get further than ten minutes into it lol

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