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Listen up children, and all you fucks
Of the midnight shits of Mao McDuck

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I basically treat the federated timeline like a forum index and every toot that flies by, I see as just a thread, so yes, I'm gonna just barge into your toots somerimes.

This is your only warning.

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Quick reminder to the new users on this instance. If you ever see content on the federated or local timelines that break the rules (we follow the same rules as m.s seen here: you can block the content so you don't see it anymore, but also report the content so I can see it and remove the user, or entire instance if necessary, from our instance so they never reappear for anybody else who's a user here.

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posting to pin to my profile.

boost so others can too.

Realistic Psyduck asks you to please look at his friend's posts.

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me: the Senate is voter suppression.
liberal: no.
me: the carceral state is voter suppression.
liberal: stop.
me: shiftwork is voter suppression.
liberal: you can't just call everything voter suppression!
me: *pointing at an uninformative sign which indicates that a bus should be at this stop at this very moment* that's voter suppression.
liberal: *sobbing*

this avatar elevates the action of boosting toots to a whole new level I didn't know existed.

standing in line at Wendy's, woman in front of me bails and goes outside, five minutes pass, she comes back in with a piece of paper and doesn't ask if she can cut back in front of me, but I'm nice and let her in

she proceeds to take 15 minutes to order and go over every item on her receipt to verify it's what she ordered and rudely tells off teens who came to the counter for sauce saying loudly 'Oh, yes, help them first before getting to me.'

I'm never being nice again.

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Jerry rigged my setup so I have an extension cord running across the building to an outlet with power.

fuck your outage, I've got work to do

power outage that only affects my side of the building.

the holidays really making sure I can't stay in front of the rush huh

Unload one pallet and I'm sweating like a dog.

Of course today is the day the boss decides to turn on the heater.

I kind of like that the furry fandom has matured to the point where a CNN coverage piece that touches on all the creative aspects of the fandom, but doesn't cover enough aspects of the fandom like the representation of POC and LGBT folks, can be accurately critiqued by the fandom for not touching on those things.

The fandom isn't even properly mainstream yet, but it's already identifying what people should be seeing in it and wants people to see more than just the creativity.

Yesterday still feels kind of unreal. Gonna take a bit to adjust to this, but I feel so much better.

why has twitter spectacularly fucked up my following list. it's missing like 50 people.

log out for two and a half months and twitter just eats itself.

Should I bother watching the CNN furry special.

From the article and teaser it looked like typical inoffensive coverage with absolutely zero insights on the important aspects of furry like being a safe and welcoming space to explore sexuality and gender. I imagine it focuses more on fursuits and the creative benefits of the fandom more than anything.

Came out to my parents tonight. Took 27 years of getting them comfortable with the idea, lots of dropped hints, ended up in a much nicer coming out then probably five years ago. Pretty much no questions and they wanted to eat dinner after like 10 minutes.

Love my family, and love you too @douglasfur

finally got around to watching Call Me By Your Name. got a weird vibe that it's the gay story that straight people think gay relationships are like.

it goes so hard in trying to be an intellectual, erotic sort of film, that it kind of misses how emotional, sensual connections are made between same gender folk completely.

Good watch, but it's very fantastical. Maybe the modern version of our perceptions of ancient homosexual Greece.

Listen up children, and all you fucks
Of the midnight shits of Mao McDuck

There's something truly magical about listening to 80s music at 4am in the dark slightly stoned after sleeping for the last 7 hours.

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