“four teachers at a time were taken into a room, told to crouch down and were shot execution style with some sort of projectiles — resulting in injuries.”

those teachers better be getting a fat fucking paycheck

Even in actual airsoft games, you don't fucking shoot someone at close range; you yell Bang! or whatever the place says. It is a soft projectile, but it's still traveling at a speed that can break skin at short range - 350 fps is average for an airsoft pistol.

@MochaKoffee I'd be suing tbh. They weren't even told what was happening and didn't consent to being shot at all.

And how exactly, does this level of realism help train kids how to respond during a shooting. If you want to teach kids how to handle things if your teacher is dead, just, have them lie on the floor. Shooting them seems highly unnecessary and possibly traumatic to both teacher and students.

@maolfunction Yeah, that would 10000% win them the case.

idk, I can kinda see the value in these drills in the way that I can see the importance of fire drills, but these seem tailor made to create fear and induce trauma in students.

We had intruder drills, but they basically involved a guy dressed up as a yakuza member showing up with a knife and the kendo teacher beating him up. It was humorous, but there's also like next to zero chance of someone showing up with a gun here.

@MochaKoffee I see the value of the drill, but don't think there's any added value in actually shooting people with pellets in an already intense drill situation. Just shouting 'Bang!' or whatever is gonna work just as well.

It's not like kids/teachers aren't already terrified of an active shooter event happening at their schools here, they don't need to role play being shot to get the message.

@maolfunction Oh, yeah, no, I see no value in using anything that isn't a rubber prop gun or something. Shouldn't even be using an airsoft gun.

Also, the idea that the teacher should lead the students in attacking the intruder is Fucking Dumb, and is going to get kids and adults killed. Nobody signs up for that, and it should not at all be expected.

When you're seriously trying to suggest that five year olds should swarm an adult with a fucking gun, maybe you should change your priorities.

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