@maolfunction @MochaKoffee I've already read through support spoilers and stuff like that, but yes Byleth's S support ending with that particular character involves him "adopting you" (he was bros with your dad before he inevitably dies) and going on to live a normal life at his village.

This is actually not one, but two completely platonic same-sex S support option for M!Byleth. There's another male character you can S support that's written as "he was your right hand man for years no homo"

@triumph_forks @MochaKoffee a game all about role playing? for me? oh wait, you mean other roles. "normal" ones.

This sort of bait and switch at the very end is particularly cruel, lol

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee Both those S supports involve the avatar character being involved with men twice their age, and neither the female character can marry them as well. But I can see why people think it's a bait and switch though. It's really bizarre they even wrote an S support conversation for them to begin with.

There is indeed one male character male Byleth can marry at the end of the game, but it's literally only one option compared to the four female Byleth gets lol :angery:

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee The S rank support doesn't really have a ton of relevance in Three Houses to begin with since you can't pair up units to get children characters like in Awakening/Fates.

Only the player character can S support somebody but all it does is change their ending and unlock a CG and some extra conversations. Intelligent Systems also got lazy and drew the bisexual characters by themselves, compared to all the straight CGs having the characters embrace either other lol

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee Just like in the older games, you can get paired endings between units, even if they're the same sex. Some endings explicitly mention a romance/marriage between them, but others are written in a really vague way like "they were BROS for LIFE".

It's kinda up to the player if they want to interpret them as couples or not but there's definitely some subtext to support it lol

@triumph_forks @MochaKoffee I wish Nintendo would just learn to be explicit with gay stuff instead of burying it behind a wall of plausible denial lol

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee Fire Emblem has always been like that, unfortunately. There's been a couple pairings that absolutely scream gay like Lyn/Florina, Ike/Soren, Sigrun/Tanith, and so on. It's so hard to deny it's "just platonic" with those characters but the writers intentionally make their endings vague lol

Fates was the first game to actually have explicitly gay characters. But yeah...we don't talk about Fates.

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