@mewfeuille @triumph_forks @MochaKoffee I just got DM'd on Twitter by a throwaway account asking me for help deleting posts/threads off NS2.

Who the hell is reading any old posts when the search function and formatting is broken as heck.

@maolfunction @mewfeuille @MochaKoffee was it Christian "Risky" "Call a 7-11 and ask them they have any legend of zelda links awakening slurpee cups" Mctaxes?

@triumph_forks @maolfunction @MochaKoffee to be fair those cups are cool, i had my canadian friend get me one lol

@maolfunction @triumph_forks @MochaKoffee I'm sure they'll let the site lapse and die eventually, and honestly the sooner the better

I can't even stand to look at it in the state it's in lol

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