@MochaKoffee Went into the thread thinking I might post a response, took one look at the OP and immediately nope'd out, lol.

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee idk if this is a hot take but calling things perfect is like the most lazy way to talk about media lol

@mewfeuille @MochaKoffee Yeah, as with any medium, 'perfect' is entirely meaningless for any given person. I may think Kiki's Delivery Service is a perfect film, for me, because it hits on so many things that resonates with me and my perspectives and lived experiences. But, I can't claim it to be objectively perfect by any means because there's literally no way to define that when it comes to artistic mediums, lol.

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee I wanna hear about what something means to *you*, not just that it's good and that I should like it because it's agreeable enough that everyone should be able to like it.

The personal connections are what really elevate a piece of media in our minds, at least for me. I guess some people just plug along seeing what everyone else sees and don't try to see themselves in art but god that couldn't be me

@mewfeuille @MochaKoffee Yeah same, it's really difficult to go into conversations about Marvel films because all the talk about why they're good is because, they do justice to the comic books I guess?

To me, they're sort of like the Fast and the Furious films. I adore those movies, even though they are all ridiculous, non sensical, poorly written garbage. But I love the emphasis on family and doing anything for people you love. Marvel films hit the same notes, but no one talks about that.

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