@maolfunction I'm not even mad, this is hilarious actually

I'm so done with baseball lmaaaaoooooooo

@triumph_forks been watching baseball twitter a bit today and if what I'm reading is correct, everyone in the league has been cheating lol

@maolfunction if it comes out that the dodgers were also cheating and weren't cheating good enough to actually win the damn series, then I hereby renounce my fandom

@douglasfur @maolfunction @triumph_forks the Astros are cheaters and have been for years but everybody cheats!!!!!

@Pixley @douglasfur @maolfunction crazy how "Astroball" was just "cheat a lot". Some analytics approach that was. :angery:

@triumph_forks @douglasfur @maolfunction love how "we have a more sophisticated analytics process than anyone else" just means "we bang on a trash can to let you know it's a curve"

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