@maolfunction I crafted 30 bait for this fish and couldn't find it tonight. Time to go hard on bait tomorrow and do it all over again lmao 🙏

@triumph_forks I didn't even bother with bait. My second tier of cliff has a pretty long stretch of river so I just ran along it for like two hours catching emperor butterflies and 3 (!!!) golden trout while waiting for it to spawn.

@maolfunction dude nice, I get way luckier with ocean fish. I caught five tuna, a coelacanth and a couple of oarfish on an island run this afternoon

@triumph_forks I still haven't caught a coelacanth or oarfish yet, need to find a blue marlin too, but those aren't disappearing in April so I'm a little less concerned about getting them.

@maolfunction Oarfish don't have a specific timeframe of availability or location so honestly you just have to learn how to spot them amongst the sea bass, I catch them quite often in islands for what it's worth.

The wiki is telling me marlins are on the docks along with tunas

@triumph_forks I've been doing like one island trip a day, hopefully have more time on the weekends to do multiple so I can really rake in some cash.

@maolfunction I got lucky and ended up on tarantula island, after 20 minutes I picked up a sick 240k for like 30 of them.

You can also cut every tree, pick every weed and flower, break every rock, etc to force tarantulas to spawn but that's a bit more time consuming and some island layouts make it a pain to grab them, since you constantly need to scare away wharf roaches on the beach to get them to spawn. It works though!

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