@triumph_forks @MochaKoffee it's surreal. I have hundreds of hours logged as just the Soldier.

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee Soldier was a simple class with a ton of depth to it (especially learning how to become super mobile) and there's really nothing like it in shooters anymore.

@triumph_forks @maolfunction Soldier really was just harkens back to an era where shooters were basically all about skill-based movement.

That's loooong dead, unfortunately.

Rocket Jumping? That sounds dangerous! :^)


@triumph_forks @maolfunction also if you've ever played tf2 with a controller, you know that rocket jumping doesn't really work with one, and that's a huge reason we've moved to hero shooters with the movement options baked into button presses lol

@MochaKoffee @maolfunction but all the big hero shooters are still mainly played on PC, the problem is that nobody wants to devote development time to an engine that actually supports skill based movement because everything needs to be "balanced" (aka dumbed down) for everybody

@MochaKoffee @maolfunction Honestly you know it's a problem when CoD deciding to go back to CoD4/MW2 style of gameplay is a breath of fresh air compared to all these garbage ass press Q to win hero shooters lmao

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks Classes with skill sets that have high ceilings that motivate you to get better and play more so you master every facet of what the character brings to the table?

Nah, that sounds alienating to our player base who consists mostly of macho boys who will cry and yell slurs at you if you do something they can't do, but will then yell at people on social media for not being real gamers because some people would like accessibility options in games.

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks Like, imagine if TF2 had dropped in 2020. The videos would be insufferable.


Number one: This is clearly not intended by the devs, and it's exploiting a flaw in the engine. To be competitive, you basically have to commit to do something the game wasn't meant to do. And that's not fair to players who want to play the game fairly.

Number two: It's not fun to do. I've spent h--"

@maolfunction @triumph_forks If TF2 released today, people would play it for maybe a couple of days and then drop it because there's no actual esports potential in it lol

anyway there's so much to bitch about in terms of balance lol

like this


@maolfunction @triumph_forks anyway there would be *so* much goddamn bitching about the Spy and how it's totally unfair that he can just go invisible and kill you instantly literally unplayable smh

(you know, the spy, the worst character in the game)

@maolfunction @triumph_forks just realized he also voiced Peppy and Andross in Star Fox 64 :angery:

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks Yeah. It'll be different playing it, can't just take those lines for granted now.

@MochaKoffee @maolfunction No way I never knew that

The guy who voices the Engineer voiced Wolf in Star Fox Assault and Brawl, what a weird coincidence lol

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