the last of us 2 spoilers probably 

@MochaKoffee TLOU2 threads have convinced me that most people will excuse anything any character in fiction does and still call them a hero as long as they're the protagonist, rendering any message a writer is trying to tell moot because people aren't going to get it, but will happily/somberly watch women and queer characters get shot in the head/brutally beaten into a pulp and say with a straight face it was all necessary for the story

the last of us 2 spoilers probably 

@maolfunction *remembers back to the first trailer*

some hero

the last of us 2 spoilers probably 

@maolfunction I think the gaming industry is still in its adolescent phase, where it still believes that violence is the only, the true, way to actually tell a story.

I remember a whole lot of hand wringing about how showing extreme brutality against women in press show trailers is necessary, as though it's somehow novel in an industry where the default method of engaging with the world is to shoot things with guns.

the last of us 2 spoilers probably 

@MochaKoffee "Violence is bad, everyone, we're gonna use uncomfortably extreme violence to make sure you know that."

"Also, here are all the gameplay elements that we've developed so that punching people and caving their noses in is both fun and satisfying."

"Last thing, game of the year to God of War."

@MochaKoffee But Naughty Dog has to do it now. It's important. And definitely not because shock content continues to be insanely profitable.

@maolfunction real talk

i think the violence narrative ND has going is kinda hurt by the magic space virus going on in the background lol

@MochaKoffee Serious stories about the dark sides of the human condition will only be paid attention to if there's a zombie apocalypse.

Because the Walking Dead did it and gave us a safe, profitable path to success.

@maolfunction there's just so many ways to tell stories about the failings of humanity, and I don't think we need zombies to do it lol

or really any kind of apocalypse honestly

the last of us 2 spoilers probably 

@MochaKoffee hE hAd A rEaSoN.

Protecting Ellie justifies all the unnecessary murders, even the ones of people that may have developed a cure for humanity.

the last of us 2 spoilers probably 

@maolfunction go into any thread on resetera about the need for jails lol

they might balk at the death penalty (at least most of them), but many have zero compunction about destroying lives for petty revenge.

the last of us 2 spoilers probably 

@MochaKoffee Case in point, people are ready for the life of the TLOU2 leaker be utterly destroyed and jailed for years.

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