@MochaKoffee Starting to tire of the thin excuse that TLOU2 is supposed to be uncomfortable to play when we all know it's supposed to be fun to be able to do this shit.

@maolfunction yeah no if i weren't already turned off from it, that makes me actively hate it lol

@maolfunction FFXIV has these garlean dogs that are meant to be hopped up on whatever magitek nonsense so they're huge and bulked up monsters

when you kill them they make the worst dog whine and it breaks my heart every time :no:

@MochaKoffee I felt bad killing wolves in Breath of the Wild, lol.

The Last of Us 2: Get hyped, now you can kill dogs. And inflict brutal emotional trauma on the owners before you kill them.

Gamers: HELL YEAH. I'm definitely gonna not have any fun playing this, and am ready to feel deeply uncomfortable about what I'm doing while I play this.

Also, game of the year.

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee maybe the writers were right and the ellen page looking chick really was the bad guy all along lol

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