@MochaKoffee Been playing the original Seiken Densetsu 3,and I've gotten to Jewel Eater and was promptly wrecked and now I remember how many old RPGs expected long grinding sessions to progress. :angery:

Doesn't help that I didn't pick a healer for my party, but I wasn't gwonna wead twext twat sownded wike twis twa whole twime.

@maolfunction A lot of old JRPGs actually don't expect a lot of grinding if you're in the know and can figure out how to break the game lol Mana is Kawazu's baby, though.

and yeah i don't know why the fuck they thought this was a good idea

like, yes, it's accurate localization, but you should still know better lmao

@maolfunction There are ways to make a character child-like and maybe a little annoying without going so far as to make the player want to blast themselves in the head :angery:

@MochaKoffee oh I'm sure there's a way to breeze through this game too, I just haven't played it in about half a decade and I'm pretty sure I never finished it, so I'm playing basically blind.

And she's the only real dedicated healer you can get. :angery:

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