@MochaKoffee The explainer of things has arrived to tell people why they shouldn't be critical of bad comparisions.

@maolfunction i like that neil obviously just skimmed jason's tweet, and missed the point of comparison entirely

@MochaKoffee Neil, thinking to himself: No, Jason, no. I definitely did write something as emotive and harrowing as the Holocaust. The feelings you'll experience while playing my game will be exactly the same as the ones you feel when watching Schindler's List.

@maolfunction the fanboys in the replies to Jason are obnoxious lmao

the comparison is both hyperbolic and in poor taste, speaking either to an immature viewer, or someone who was probably upset about scorsese's comments on the MCU lol

@MochaKoffee Children of Men was right fucking there for a more appropriate film comparison, but no, let's use a movie that brutally depicts the horrors of a genocide. What a swell idea, I'm not gonna stop and think about the implications of this at all.

@MochaKoffee Era: Jeff is a great guy and would never mean the game is actually like the Holocaust.

@maolfunction love the replies to Leigh being "HOW YOU SAY VIDEO GAME WON'T MATTER IN SIX MONTHS?????" like the cycle of a game being in the public consciousness isn't widely known and understood lol

also pretty cool how people have turned on Jason so quickly to just being some rando manchild to wants to start drama

@MochaKoffee "Um, actually, TLOU1 is still being talked about seven years later, so checkmate."

Yes, like these exact same sentences won't be used in a year or whatever whenever Rockstar drops their next game.

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee It's almost like people tend to talk about the previous game when a highly anticipated sequel comes out 🤯

@triumph_forks @MochaKoffee I'm wondering how long it takes before TLOU ultimately becomes overrated like every other game that gets long term praise year after year.

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee I don't see TLOU as a very influential game at all. It kickstarted the video game dad trend in AAA gaming but that's it lol

It definitely isn't even the most influential game of the decade. I think that distinction maybe belongs to Undertale? Maybe? I could be off but Undertale sticks out a lot more to me than TLOU - and I didn't even like Undertale's gameplay at all.

@maolfunction "but critics will keep talking about them!!!!"

mainly in references to help make their buyers guides more helpful lol

in terms of gamers, ya'll are just like anime fans, just a tad bit slower

@maolfunction remember this show, and how it was the sleeper hit of its season due to Amazon Jail and how nobody talks about it now

@maolfunction Another difference is that a lot of video games are intentionally designed to be disposable, both from either being replaced with an upgraded version, or they're mulitplayer games and the community will inevitably move on if they ever show up in the first place

here's another anime example tho for good measure

@MochaKoffee The Era review thread is just full of people just going, "Well, I don't see the problem and think Neil was absolutely right."

Just tiring to see so many people not understand that they should have different emotional responses to depections of actual atrocities and fictional video game worlds that will ultimately be viewed as not as good as the next three Naughty Dog games because it'll be older.

Can't wait for TLOU3 or whatever to be compared to the emotional reaction of 9/11.

@MochaKoffee But it's okay for you to invite a dog pile on a Jewish guy critical of comparing a video game to the Holocaust.

"the wise man bowed his head solemnly and spoke: 'there's zero difference between good & bad things. you imbecile. you fucking moron.'"

@maolfunction it's fun how the internet works

Jason showed emotion, so clearly he's the bad guy, and it's okay for people to dog pile on him

@MochaKoffee It's actually bad to be critical of hyperbolic, lazy takes because we all should be able to interpret the intent of the reviewer and understand it was made in good faith.

@MochaKoffee I hope everyone here will remember this when movie critics compare the next Star Wars movie to a stack of dumpsters.

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