@MochaKoffee "Let's see how ND handled the trans character storyline."

*looks up Wiki on him*

"Oh, nice, they deadnamed him in the first sentence here."

@maolfunction he is literally just there for trauma porn

like i said, i'm actually kind of angry that the embargo meant that this couldn't be warned or talked about before people started getting there

tlou2 spoilers 

@MochaKoffee I can't believe how trash the storyline is. Nothing about this justifies the need for a second game and the representation is abhorrent.

Can't wait for people on the right to start spreading gifs of every scene of brutality against the LGBT characters in this game.

ND saw the trope of LGBT people only worth anything in literature if they suffer, and ramped it to 11, for a closing that leaves Ellie completely broken. I hate that the embargo kept this from being said.

tlou2 spoilers 

@maolfunction very cool that they also killed all the named black characters off on a game they released on juneteenth, huh

but i can't really be surprised, given Druckmann.

tlou2 spoilers 

@MochaKoffee The whole game is chock full of racism, misogyny, homophobia and transphobia protected by a thin veneer of, "mmmkay, this shit is bad, mmmkay?"

The game doesn't justify the inclusion of any of this shit at all. It's not a scathing rebuke of people who hold those views. The message is, "Well the world sucks, and everyone in it sucks, what do you expect? All sides are actually bad."

tlou2 spoilers 

@maolfunction i think the most scathing thing i can say about TLOU2 is that the developers clearly weren't terribly interested in the topics they chose, so much as using them as wallpaper. The trans kid isn't there to have something to say about Lev as a person, so much as depicting the abuse and violence he received as a result of being trans.

also you can tell how long this game has been in production due to all the weird joker scars on everyone lol

tlou2 spoilers 

@maolfunction honestly kind of disgusted that they decided to release this during pride month, considering everything

happy pride month, everyone, here's a game where the lesbian couple kiss and are immediately called dykes for no particular reason other than A Shitty Crapsack World is The Coolest Thing We Can Think Of, and a trans narrative that I can only say "yikes" to

tlou2 spoilers 

@MochaKoffee Trans characters are only worth being included in the narrative if they have to kill their own mothers who attack them because she hates her son that she's can't accept.

Give us awards now, plsthx

tlou2 spoilers 

@MochaKoffee Predictably too, that everyone I've seen play the game so far has completely missed the point of why Abby kills Joel.

It's been nothing but an endless stream of, "Abby is a b****. I'm gonna murder her, fuck her." Whatever commentary Druckmann thought he was saying about the cycle of violence completely missed its mark and have given people the excuse to hurl gendered slurs and brutal violence on a woman through a woman.

tlou2 spoilers 

@maolfunction Joel was a shit dude who people liked because he was the POV character in TLOU, lol. If they humanized her more prior to killing Joel, what they were trying to do probably would have landed more gracefully.

but also people were weirdly convinced she was trans because she's fucking jacked and doesn't have huge bazongas, so

tlou2 spoilers 

@MochaKoffee They save her justification to near end game. Like it's a twist. It's way too late at that point, people don't care. Players see her as nothing but the villain.

People are upset with the ending because Ellie doesn't kill Abby. It's such a failure of persuasive writing.

And it's getting an HBO series.

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