@MochaKoffee one thousand posts to mostly defend the standard industry practice of game studios harassing reviewers who dare step outside the marketing expectations of certain people games that are expected to be 10/10 across the board.

@maolfunction "bb-b-b-but we don't even know what the said *exactly*!!"

hello please learn what power dynamics are, Era, and why it should be totally inappropriate to do this.

@MochaKoffee Can't. Got to be mad at a black Vice editor for expressing frustration at Neil bullying a queer writer into deleting tweets joking about a fake post credit scene where Ellie kills an in game representation of Neil ala Hotline Miami.

"He's gotten death threats, he has every right to send his own followers after this person who made a tongue in cheek tweet. Woke progressives have gone too far now."

@MochaKoffee She's absolutely correct that Neil isn't alone in getting death threats, that Maddy gets them too. And she doesn't have the same power to go around and tell people who make jokes at her expense to reconsider otherwise their 350K followers will harass them for a month.

It was a light critique of Neil's behavior given the power dynamic, yet people on Era are acting like she's ignored all context and engaged in the most extreme form of whataboutism to the point of being anti-Semitic.

@maolfunction that's because that's how they operate most of the time lol

I wish people would be more aware of the power dynamic when you're a big, influential game developer with a mass of followers. If that's you, maybe you shouldn't be having public beef online with some rando.

Because yes, you are sending your followers after them.

@MochaKoffee Not like Neil hasn't been told this time after time or anything. And people who know he knows this can't be frustrated at him for doing the same thing over and over, I guess.

Neil is allowed to be publicly frustrated when people are critical of him. Queer people and BIPOC are not allowed to be publicly frustrated with Neil tho.

@MochaKoffee Meanwhile, these same people nod their head when Jim Sterling makes a video about the rampant abuse in the video game industry, blithely unaware that what Neil did here is exactly the sort of abuse of power that Jim is talking about.

@maolfunction People really want to pretend that this is a free press, and that there aren't a whooole mess of conflicts of interests going on, through press getting wined and dined at review events, bought off with knick-knacks through press kits, signing extensive embargo agreements that render their "review" basically little more than ad copy, and so on.

we should probably be a bit more concerned about that

@MochaKoffee Yeah, but you see. This particular game is a game I like and think is good, so none of this applies to this particular case, obviously.

@maolfunction they're being mean about the Naughty Gods game which means they're acceptable targets because they're wrong

or something

@maolfunction isn't it cool and fun how gaming discourse hasn't moved on from Nsider

@MochaKoffee "Why aren't video games taken seriously? We only harass, disparage and attack every voice that tries to elevate the medium above what it's been since Duke Nukem 3D."

@maolfunction i still think about this article, ten years on, and how true it is tbh

Especially because gamers keep trying to fight Ebert's ghost in 2020

@MochaKoffee It's especially easy nowadays to dismiss criticism of ethics in the game industry because, "Ah ah, Gamergate was all about ethics in journalism, right? Nice try, obvious Nazi."

@maolfunction When I was typing the conflict of interest toot, I thought I was coming a bit close to sounding Goober-ish, so that's there, yeah. I wish we could talk about this without feeling that, but it's pretty interesting how all the important topics in this industry end up poisoned, in one way or another, huh

boy 2014 feels like an entirely different lifetime

@MochaKoffee That's what happens when you let Nazis poison the well uninhibited for so long that every conversation that broaches these issues has to be examined in the worst light because the assumption is they might be a Nazi hiding, and not just a person who has a vested interest in things being better.

Oh well. Naughty Dog still made millions of dollars so it's not like they really give a fuck on changing anything.

@MochaKoffee This video was far more interesting than his normal fare, yeah, lol

@maolfunction imagine if gaming discourse was less concerned with THING GOOD OR THING BAD lol

probably need some more interesting games to come out though

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