@MochaKoffee @mewfeuille Yeah, nothing to see here. It's their job to define words that people use regularly, even if those words are technically incorrect.

@maolfunction @mewfeuille People don't learn what a dictionary actually is, and end up believing it's some prescriptive authority of the language, lol.

if you don't like it, you don't have to start using it lol

@MochaKoffee @mewfeuille I need to resume reading Dinosaur Comics regularly again.

@MochaKoffee It's a simple winning formula that still manages to churn out hits.

@maolfunction i think that's supposed to be Ping lol

i have no idea how the hell it's gotten to wherever in the story it is, and I'm not sure I really care lol

@MochaKoffee I'm so glad leet speak didn't persist more than a couple years. Easily the worst part of early aughts internet culture.



@maolfunction oh god the sephiroth part was bleached from my brain

@MochaKoffee @maolfunction can't believe you untagged me and THEN talked about leetstreet boys

@mewfeuille @maolfunction tbf we were talking about dinosaur comics at the time lol

@MochaKoffee @maolfunction I loved dinosaur comics lmao

You know what else is, amazingly, still going strong? Pokey the fucking penguin yellow5.com/pokey/

@maolfunction lol that's something he would do

all the webcomics are dead lol

outside of PA, which occasionally has a good comic every once in a blue moon or so

@MochaKoffee Same with XKCD which seems to have run out of ideas at this point.

@MochaKoffee @maolfunction I would argue that Freefall is still forging ahead with a thoughtful new story every MWF

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