@maolfunction read the detroit school district reopening plan

they don't have anything beyond vain hopes lol

people gonna die

@maolfunction apparently teachers there who test positive will have to use their sick days to cover their quarantine lmao

@maolfunction they also told all the older teachers to just retire if they're worried

we in TAS land now


@MochaKoffee "Thanks for all your experience and effort over the last three decades, now fuck off."

@maolfunction it's illegal for public school teachers to strike in some states, but, well, can't fire *everybody*.

@maolfunction The fun part of this is that the federal/state/local governments are forcing teachers to waste so much time on plans for in-person re-opening that will probably be thrown out when schools are forced to close again, rather than focusing on improving the distance learning experience.

contrary to popular belief, lesson plans do not spring fully formed from trees lol

@MochaKoffee Expecting government officials to plan for longer than a week is a fruitless endeavor. Everyone else just gets to deal with the stress of trying to adapt to new lockdown orders on the fly somehow.

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