@MochaKoffee New hundo route for OoT has completely broken a game I had previously thought was already thoroughly broken.

@maolfunction oh boy is it time for about how none of this should be legal lol

@MochaKoffee I would love to see the faces of the people who originally advocated for RBA to not be allowed in 100%.

This run is now essentially, "I will play Bolero of Fire so I can get Bolero of Fire."

@maolfunction i love how everyone has considered this game busted for nearly a decade now and it just keeps getting more and more busted lol

apparently most of the OoT stuff wasn't present, but man, think about how crazy runs would get if we had full source code :angery:

@MochaKoffee give it like three years, I feel like the speedrun community will break it open themselves at this rate

@maolfunction "every time you go to Shadow, you'll be tilted"

seems normal to me :hamham:

@maolfunction also love how if you showed this to someone like a decade ago, you'd get accused of using l to levitate codes lmao

@MochaKoffee the fact that this isn't l to levitate still blows my mind

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