@MochaKoffee That is probably what happened to it, yeah.

I would really like to eventually see the unicorn fountain in actual detail just to see if they did transplant assets from it to other parts of the game or MM. Trying to gauge room size and exact textures from tiny screenshots is an impossible task.

@maolfunction if it were still in the game, I imagine someone would have wrong warped into it by now, which makes me think it was probably overwritten by the final fountains.

it'd be cool to see if they can find this stuff

@MochaKoffee It's a bummer that so many of the OoT folders were straight up empty in the leak. Either Nintendo was really strict about that game in particular or the leakers scrubbed them before dumping the rest.

@maolfunction I doubt they were all that strict, given they had all this other stuff, and the Master Quest debug ROM. I don't really see any reason for Nintendo to start stripping stuff like that, lol.

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