Really enjoying listening to Amy Coney Barrett say, "I've never discriminated based on sexual preference."

My sexuality isn't a preference. A preference is me preferring hazelnut creamer over french vanilla. Straight up dogwhistling over in this committee room.

@maolfunction i wonder if they realize the fallout from Nazi Handmaiden helping take down gay marriage, the ACA, and everything else will be massive protests and guillotines

@MochaKoffee This hearing is so frustrating because she won't give a straight opinion on any issue, even though we have a long laundry list of precedent in regards to what she's ruled in previous cases.

And you're much more optimistic about people caring enough to do anything substantial than I am lol.

@maolfunction SCOTUS hearings are always like this, unless there's a big elephant in the room like with Kavanaugh.

Removing civil liberties in this manner would get people out and fighting for them, I would like to think. There's not much further for the american people to bend, and I imagine the GOP strategy now is to ensure they break during a democratic admin.

apparently she suggested she was fine with overturning Brown vs Board?

@maolfunction "she's catholic and her religion is off limits 😤"

fuck this double standard t b h

@MochaKoffee Yeah, frustrating when you know exactly what Republicans would zero in on if a Muslim were ever nominated to a SCOTUS seat.

@maolfunction it's really not all that hard to imagine how they would *all* be falling all over themselves to suggest she was going to institute SHARIA LAW if she were muslim 🤷‍♀️

anyway the idea of an originalist is pretty fucking dumb imo

why have a legislative branch then

@MochaKoffee to correct the semantics originalists thrive on. that's the escape route for all of them.

"Well, Congress just has to pass a new law that explicitly protects those people too."

@maolfunction it's the idea that people should give a shit about what some rich white men who thought owning other people was Cool nearly 250 years ago thought in relation to modern problems that gets me

especially given that they've explicitly made it very difficult to actually amend their document

"b-b-b-but puckle gun" shouldn't be an argument that people have to listen to in 2020 in regards to gun control

@MochaKoffee I don't think she ever outright said she opposed Brown v Board, but she's like most conservatives in that she interprets laws literally, so any sort of reach to include other people or groups in protections that weren't originally intended to be protected she would oppose.

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