@triumph_forks love how it looks like the Giants have negative 7 points and it's still totally believable.

@maolfunction I haven't seen a division this garbage since the 2010 NFC West, and even then the Seahawks hilariously memed their way into a home playoff victory at 7-9. I don't see any of these teams winning six games unless a miracle happens. They're all so bad and all have disasters at the QB position right now

@triumph_forks the Cowboys will fail upwards into the spot, I have no doubts

@maolfunction Yeah I don't know, that defense is playing at a historically awful pace. Andy Dalton sure looked like a guy who shouldn't start another game for the rest of his life last week. Dak could, at very least play in a shootout. It doesn't matter if the Cowboys have an elite WR corps if McCarthy keeps forcing feeding an inefficient Zeke garbage carries all game.

Philly has the best chance in my opinion. They're the least bad team on paper

@triumph_forks It is the Eagles division to lose with that 2-4-1 record

@maolfunction Literally all these teams need to do to secure a playoff spot is to at least have a positive win record against the rest of the NFC East - that's how terrible they all are right now.

Outside their division Philly has:

@ Cleveland
@ Green Bay
New Orleans
@ Arizona

If they can win at least one, maybe two of these games then they're in.

@triumph_forks good luck to them, lol. I can't see them winning any of them.

i will very much enjoy the memes that will come out of this game tho.


@maolfunction They can probably meme out a win against Cleveland since Baker Mayfield is fucking awful. Assuming Wentz doesn't die to their pass rush.

I don't really like New Orleans this year. Green Bay and Arizona feast on bad teams like these. Their game with Seattle will predictably be the game where Wentz randomly drops 4TDs in a losing effort.

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