@MochaKoffee Still think they're overpaying, but this is more reasonable. Don't know what Sony plans on doing with both Funimation and CR tho.

@maolfunction CR, as a company, is probably not worth quite that much, but it gets them into a nice position for control over the industry. Given how large the anime industry has become, that's probably worth it for a huge market like the US.

I imagine they'll probably fold the libraries back into each other again, at least.

@maolfunction VRV's a dead man walking if this goes through.

Sentai probably won't live since this probably also kills the CR deal they just negotiated.

HiDive's probably dead too. Not right away, of course, but they won't be able to compete.

Stuff like Retrocrush that focus on a very specific niche should probably be okay lol

@MochaKoffee oh, yeah, I'm sure this crushes a lot of competition unless they figure out how to expand rapidly in the next few months lol

@maolfunction The problem for a service like HiDive is that they're already a small fish that can only snag maybe a show or two a season from CR and Funi to simulcast that anybody cares about.

Which leaves them as basically the Legend of the Galactic Heroes service lol

@maolfunction CR also has some of its stuff on HBO Max, so that's probably gone too lol

@maolfunction there's big nostalgic draws there for their specific audience, but there's also the likes of Devilman Lady and Oniisama e, lol.

@MochaKoffee Yeah, I like going on there when I've got nothing else to watch and picking something at random lol.

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