Man, finding out that like half of the SMW Kaizo community went mask off about their transphobia in the last month sure is something to discover during Trans Awareness Week.


A lot of Kaizo streamers actively enable transphobia in their communities and hang out in known transphobic communities, most notably Dode.

Dode was asked why a known transphobe was on his auto host rotation and instead of acting reasonably, he acted like a child and said he was being crucified on Twitter, and quit streaming for 7 weeks.

He went live today, but only after banning most of the LGBT members in the Kaizo community from his chat.

@MochaKoffee From what I've seen, since going live, he's been rewarded with over 3000 dollars.

@maolfunction Ah, that's extremely disappointing

i see the usual "bUt Do YoU hAvE pRoOf" bullshit and twisting to pretend to not see anything in the replies there, too

it's truly disheartening how many people want to remove the t from lgbt

@MochaKoffee Mhm, both Barb and Poo have condemned him for what he's doing, but it seems even chunks of their communities disagree with what they're doing.

Really disappointed to see this sort of behavior from a guy who was so intertwined with a lot of the kaizo hacks and streams I've really enjoyed.

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