i figured this would be Nintendo's angle lol

i think it's time smash fans just let go of the notion of Nintendo supporting them and just have their own scene

there's really no incentive for Nintendo to support a video game that they haven't sold in stores in coming up on two decades lol

@MochaKoffee It's a crazy position for them to take when other gaming companies have had no problem making fan created emulation official for use in their competitions.

I get that the Smash scene has been tainted recently, but this is such a severe blow when literally all Slippi does is make playing the game online a modern experience. Something Nintendo should be thrilled that someone figured out for them.

@maolfunction I mean, not really, lol. There is no reason to believe Nintendo would want to have their name next to a project like Slippi. Especially when it's going to lead so swiftly to people pirating .isos.

It sucks, but I'm mostly just saying that it's not entirely unexpected, especially when Nintendo was previously a sponsor of the event.

@MochaKoffee people are gonna pirate with or without their endorsement. I know Nintendo has no interest in actually fostering the communities that love their games, but there were other options they could have pursued other than killing Big House that could have led to mutual benefits for both parties. They just didn't want to because they don't care. :blobcatgooglyshrug:


@MochaKoffee It's not unexpected that a mega corporation liken Nintendo wouldn't want to devote resources to a project for a 20 year old game, it just flies in the face of the fan culture they've purposely cultivated.

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