@maolfunction speaking of MGS2, a challenger approaches Joseph Anderson for the title of "most in need of an editor"


@MochaKoffee how do they talk so long lol. hbomberguy is a bit guilty of this too sometimes, just stick to one aspect to focus on, not all of them.

@maolfunction For Joseph Anderson, at the very least, it's a function of I NEED TO PROVE EVERY SINGLE POINT I MAKE WITH EVIDENCE lol

you really, really don't need to do that lol just pick your most compelling evidence my dudes and move on

you don't need to make ten hours worth of essays about the Witcher


@MochaKoffee Joseph Anderson is the video essayist ideal for people on Era who require every piece of evidence before listening to what you're saying.

@maolfunction Not *just* sites like Era, but yeah lol

watching a joseph anderson video where he can't just say "the shrines in botw are kinda weak tbh", he has to systematically go through each and every single one in exhaustive detail to explain why they're kind of weak be like


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