HXH got ridiculously gruesome after 75 episodes lol, talk about an adjustment in viewing expectations.

@maolfunction like it doesn't go to the level of Berserk or anything, but

it does get dark lol

@MochaKoffee I am enjoying it, but there are some weirdly disturbing parts that make me go, "what?" regularly lol.

and that's excluding Hisoka's queer, but also pedophilic coding.

@maolfunction hisoka is a fuck yeah lol

chimera ant arc should be where you're at, i think, which is really, really good

alluka is basically togashi's apology for how shitty Miyuki was treated in YYH too

@MochaKoffee yeah, that's where I'm at. it's good, but togashi ramped up how graphic the kills are from Yorknew City

that's what I thought when her back story was more fully introduced, much better than being flung into a wall and never seen again

@maolfunction the worst part of HxH is getting caught up, and realizing this is never going to end:

Alluka is a fantastic character, and you can tell that Togashi did a lot of learning in between the two series.

@maolfunction it really sucks that well-written trans characters are so rare in the medium.

rare footage of a trans power fantasy lol

@MochaKoffee oof, guess it's gonna be a while before I read past the ending of the anime lol

@maolfunction One Piece and HxH are now the only series still running in the magazine that began before the year 2014.

One of those is in its twilight years, the other deserves a rather large asterisk next to the word 'running', considering it hasn't had a new chapter in two years, lol.

i don't know what shueisha will do when OP finally ends

@MochaKoffee 1st season: dangerous, but basically Naruto

5th season: hope you're cool with regular torture, dismemberment, and gore (sometimes of your favorite characters!)

@maolfunction Zambot 3 is sufficiently niche enough that basically all modern viewers are going to come to Zambot 3 with Tomino's reputation in mind, which is going to make the carnage obviously less surprising.

when you're familiar with stuff like this, then, yeah, you know what you're in for.

@maolfunction But, taken into the context of the show itself, you begin to realize how terrifying it actually is.

The main protagonists are all young children. Like, young, young, even for mecha anime standards. Only one of them survives the series.

You'll quickly begin to realize that the status quo is /not/ resetting. All of the damage to the city sticks. All the mental damage sticks.

Then it pulls the human bomb stuff.

All in an anime marketed like this:

@maolfunction Tomino goes absolutely ham in Ideon, but it's the context of it all in Zambot 3 that makes it stand out.

Tomino was "deconstructing" the mecha genre well before Evangelion was even a twinkle in Anno's eyes lol

@maolfunction if you want to watch a Tomino, obviously watch Gundam first, but then watch Ideon. The Ideon is legitimately a fucking terrifying machine, lol.

then maybe dunbine and zambot

@maolfunction Ideon is a bit of a slog in the middle, but stick with it. Be Invoked is worth it.

if only to see what Anno ripped off wholesale lol

@maolfunction Dunbine is a deeper cut, but it's a fun ride, and decidedly different from the standard mecha fare.


@maolfunction As for the Tomino Gundams, the trilogy of 0079 + Zeta + ZZ (plus CCA) is something pretty much everyone should watch at one point or another.

Victory Gundam is Tomino at his worst state, mentally. He was actively trying to tank the production throughout it, and it comes through loud and clear.

@maolfunction Tomino was in a much better spot during Turn A's production, and it turned out to be the the best series in the franchise, lol.

Unfortunately still trapped on overpriced blu-rays.

@maolfunction G-Reco was quite maligned while it was airing, some of which it deserved, but it's probably the most 'fun' mainline series in the franchise. In a genre that has become far too reliant on re-litigating Evangelion, it's a breath of fresh air.

Most of its problems stem from its small episode count while having too much to say, which will hopefully be fixed with the compilation films.

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