eyeing Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, but that's 444 episodes :mario_flop:

@maolfunction honestly not really worth watching DB imo, but you do you lol

you can always join me in pain and suffering


@MochaKoffee It's the only big shonen that's managed to slip by me completely, so I feel somewhat obligated to watch some of it.

and I'd definitely need to rewatch or read inuyasha before jumping into yashahime. it's been at least 10 years since I've finished it and have forgotten basically all of it lol

@maolfunction If you're going to do it, then Kai does significantly cut Z's episode count down. The trade off is you lose some of the /fun/ filler that's honestly the reason you'd watch it over reading the series.

also the official releases look like poo because Toei lol

it's actually kind of impressive how they keep fucking up the home releases


@MochaKoffee yeah, depends on how I feel going into it, if I get the same vibe when I was getting through the filler arcs in Bleach (miserable), I may jump to Kai.

and I definitely will pick a fan cut over the official releases lol, amazing how they all manage to look terrible

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