@maolfunction damn they finally found their spine

conveniently after they've already pushed their trans community off the forum


@MochaKoffee lol, yeah, I wonder how pleased the TransEra discord is with this after how staff reacted to them during and after Cyberpunk

@maolfunction The staff always viewed TransEra as a bunch of troublemakers that they had to put up with, so this just reads as one more Fuck You tbh.

They really should just ditch the concept of OTs in general, because they have always veered uncomfortably close to astroturfing.

@MochaKoffee in most cases, they straight up are astroturfing. I'm not sure what Hecht means when he says people in minority groups may want to have to have an OT to discuss the game safely.

OTs are the last place on the forum I feel safe to discuss issues about games lol

@maolfunction That's been their talking point for why they've been hesitant to do this in the past lol

they loved to talk down to the trans community that was actively asking for Cyberpunk to be banned with "but what about the hypothetical trans person who really wants to talk about cyberpunk and its issues in safe manner????"

then the game gets released and fucking shocker

dudes are shitty about it and towards the trans community

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