rip Promised Neverland fans. you've just experienced what happens to most anime that doesn't sell enough to justify its existence as a manga advertisement

@maolfunction the real problem is that they did the anime adaptation at the very tail end of the manga's run lol

@MochaKoffee that was a poor decision too, lol. probably didn't pick up any new manga sales and nobody is going to watch or buy a show when they already know how the whole thing goes

@maolfunction For what it's worth, they delayed season 2 because of the pandemic, but season 1 was already too late to make much marketing sense, honestly

Sucks for the fans, but anybody could have seen this coming a mile away lol

@maolfunction anime adaptations usually happen a bit earlier in a run than TPN, but TPN's a bit of a weird duck for Jump in the first place lol

@maolfunction suddenly there's nothing to advertise, so what incentive is there to keep it going if the ratings aren't there

and they weren't lol

@maolfunction As much as we like to use MAL and other online sites as a resource to get a pulse on what people think about shows, it's really skewed data lol

Yashahime has a 6.7 on MAL (further skewed by a review bombing campaign), which is in line with TPN's second season, but it was seen by a lot more people.

yashahime was goddamn 4th in the anime ratings lol

@maolfunction "Yashahime got bad ratings in Japan!"

it was literally hitting third or fourth its entire run, under stalwarts like Maruko and Conan lol

the only late night anime that charted were AoT and JJK.

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