@MochaKoffee gives me major, "I work at a custom hot rod shop and do the metalwork," vibes

@maolfunction dudes really live like this and don't see the problem dot jpeg

(judging by the loft, there was probably some kinky ass shit here that got removed for the agent's photos)

@MochaKoffee this was totally a sex dungeon and the agent was like, uh, can we throw some chairs down there and take the St Andrew's crosses out?

@maolfunction i like how they forgot/didn't even bother taking the straps out for the loft photos lol

i was expecting worse lol really not that bad of a house

mostly offended by the CARPET EVERYWHERE, which is probably going to have to be entirely ripped out :theydonothing:

@MochaKoffee that carpet has probably seen some shit.

but yeah, it's an entirely workable house, tho I'm I'm not sure what you're gonna do with the solid marble tombstones in the back

@maolfunction love the description honestly

"Come inspect this one of a kind rare home. Seller has made many improvements."

@MochaKoffee "Downstairs is a huge open recreation room open for your imagination."

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